Friday, March 7, 2014

Exotics offers SST PURE Shaft Alignment

(Batavia, Ill.) – Tour Edge announced that SST PURE, the No. 1 shaft alignment technology on the PGA Tour and around the world, will be offered on all Exotics products. Exotics continue to lead the industry in technological advancements, and combined with SST PURE’s ground-breaking shaft alignment system, creates the ultimate Exotics experience.

The Exotics product line under Tour Edge features the most premium technology on the market, much like SST PURE’s exclusive shaft alignment system. Their success is unmatched as more than 200 Tour players who have had shafts PUREd have combined to win more than $270 million dollars over the past two years. Several of the nation’s most prestigious custom club fitters, such as Cool Clubs, (Scottsdale, Ariz.), Club Champion, (Chicago, Ill.), and Pure Performance Golf (Naples, Fla.), all offer PUREing shafts to their customers. This elite group now includes Exotic products.

An innovation of golf-industry veteran Dick Weiss, SST PURE is a patented process of shaft alignment technology that analyzes the structural irregularities and curvatures that exist to some degree in every golf shaft and locates the shaft's most stable orientation. By assembling the clubhead with the shaft in its PURE orientation, off-line bending and twisting of the shaft are minimized and impact repeatability by the golfer on the center of the clubface improves by up to 51 percent.

“SST PURE system is the cutting edge of shaft alignment and a perfect complement to our high-end Exotics technology,” said David Glod, Tour Edge President and Chief Designer. “The new automated system is one of only 25 currently in use and it’s great that we can offer this viable technology to our Exotics customers.”

This process is computer generated, and completely automated using the new PURE SPECS system. This new automated system has streamlined the time required to PURE a shaft, reducing it to a mere 2 minutes per shaft, ideal for the amount of volume a manufacturer is going to produce. This premium service will be available on all Exotics products, new and old.

“We are very excited to be working with Tour Edge Exotics,” SST President Brian Adair said.
“Our Tour van works tirelessly with professional golfers to perfect shaft alignment for the best players in the world. Teaming with Exotics, our PURE process can be put into effect on the front end for players of all abilities with their technologically advanced golf clubs.”

Service to PURE shafts is available on all Exotics products, new, old as well as other manufacturers clubs. For more information and pricing call (800) 515-3343 or visit

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