Friday, June 15, 2012

Wishon Golf Unveils Micro-Groove HM Wedges

The Micro-Groove HM Wedge is the Ultimate in Wedge Design - New Micro-Grooves with Horizontal Face Milling in a Soft Carbon Steel, Classic 'Tear-Drop' Profile with Medium-Wide Sole. There's nothing more that needs to be said, the Micro-Groove HM is a short-game weapon that needs to be in your bag, according to the company.

* Classic Tear-Drop Profile Shape with Medium Sole Width offers golfers the most popular and traditional shape in wedge design
* New Micro-Groove Scoreline Design with Horizontal Milling in between the lines creates more friction on the ball at impact for enhanced spin performance
* 'Blade-on-Blade' Back Design allows a slightly higher CG for more solid feel and better performance on higher face impacts that can occur when the ball sits up in the grass
* Investment Cast from 8620 Carbon Steel for soft feel
* Beautiful Pearl Chrome Plating delivers a very striking and highly durable finish, available in RH in 52º Approach Wedge, 56º Sand Wedge and 60º Lob Wedge. LH in 56º Sand Wedge.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a leader in professional custom clubfitting design, research and technology.

Their original, high performance designs are available only custom fit to each individual golfer, through professional custom clubmakers world wide.

Custom fitting is for all golfers - in truth, the higher your handicap, the more custom fitting can improve your play and lower your score. Don't be fooled by the marketing of the big golf companies into believing that the best clubs are bought standard off the rack through pro shops and retail golf stores.

Take a moment to read why custom clubfitting is the only way any golfer should ever consider buying their next set of golf clubs: The company welcomes you to discover why Wishon Golf is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology - Only Custom for You and Your Swing, Never Standard.


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