Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review: TEF TEE

Question: Look in your bag and tell me how many actual woods remain? If you’re in the overwhelming majority (approaching 100 percent of serious golfers), your answer is almost certainly zero.

There’s a reason metal has taken over for wood ... it far outperforms its antiquated predecessor.

Now take a look in the pocket that holds your tees. Is it filled with wood or have you graduated to a technologically advanced tee? It makes a difference and your answer can add distance to your game, while subtracting strokes from your score.

OK, we’ve gotten your attention. But which performance tee should you buy? American Golfer recommends TEF TEE. Why? Because they work.

How do they work?
* Look at the section of performance tees. A few utilize the principle of reducing the area of surface contact between the ball and the tee - minimizing friction. TEF TEE offers the lowest ... a whopping 83 percent less than conventional tees;
* TEF TEE prongs that support the ball have rounded edges so the ball virtually rolls off the tee with minimum resistance; and
* Only TEF TEE utilizes patent-pending Teflon Technology, which reduces friction between the ball and the tee to the lowest level, allowing the club to transfer energy more purely to the ball. The result is a drive with less backspin and sidespin. That’s right ... TEF TEE results in longer, straighter drives.

In robotic testing, TefTee was 6.5 yards longer than a wooden tee. In human, on-the-course testing (done by American Golfer May 25) that added distance resulted in a half club less into the green. Imagine that ... Instead of standing on a 7-iron or trying to ease up on a 6-iron, you can take your normal, controlled swing.

Now we’ve really gotten your attention. You’re now standing at the pro shop, staring back and forth between TEF TEE and wooden tees. But why? You know the advantages of TEF TEE. Cost.

That’s an understandable reaction. A bag of 100 wooden tees retails at $3.99 (4 cents each), while a bag of 25 TEF TEES goes for $7.99 (32 cents each). American Golfer wants you to spend twice as much for a quarter quantity? Yes!

The average golfer will generally use three tees per round. That same golfer can expect about five rounds out of a single TefTee. Over the course of those five rounds, you’re now looking at wooden tees costing about 12 cents, while TEF TEE is down to 6 cents ... half the cost.

So you can save strokes AND money with TEF TEE.

You don’t need to spend $400 on a new driver. Spend $7.99 on a bag of TEF TEEs to add distance and lower scores.

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