Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CHAMP Zarma FLYTee Used by Winner of Wegmans LPGA Championship

(MARLBOROUGH, MA) – CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide – The World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology and maker of innovative CHAMP spikes, high-performance golf tees and accessories – confirms the winner of the Wegmans LPGA Championship relied on its Zarma FLYTee en route to securing her first LPGA Tour title.

Featuring a six-pronged head and shallow cup to reduce friction while promoting increased distance and accuracy, the FLYTee is used by a large and growing number of the world’s best players. During the competition at Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford, NY, the champion averaged more than 250 yards in driving distance and consistently hit fairways, helping to increase her scoring opportunities.
“The FLYTee is rapidly gaining a loyal following on all major Tours worldwide,” says Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide. “The technologically advanced design provides one of the quickest and easiest ways for players of all skill levels to boost performance.”

All Zarma FLYTee models are constructed using a market-proven bio-agent additive created by ECM Biofilms, Inc. This enables microorganisms to metabolize the plastic into humus, an organic matter which benefits the environment.

Earlier this season, CHAMP unveiled the new MyHite FLYTee, which features a series of colored bands around the stem, allowing golfers to always place the ball at a consistent height. This unique design maximizes consistency by ensuring repeatable performance with every swing.

Beyond the scoring and environmental advantages, these tees are five times more durable than traditional wooden offerings and help facilities dramatically improve course operations, appearance and profitability by reducing tee consumption, decreasing tee litter and lowering purchasing expenses.

With more than 100 active distributors, CHAMP is the world’s largest manufacturer of replaceable spikes. The company produces more than 140 million spikes annually and is the dominant global brand in football, soccer, golf, baseball, cricket, rugby and other sports.

For more information:, 1-800-OK-CHAMP.


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