Friday, June 22, 2012

Starting Time Announces Anniversary of My Mini Golf Program

Starting Time celebrated the second anniversary of the My mini Golf program into the United States and Canada.

Exclusive distributors of this exceptional product to make golf fun for both kids and adults, Starting Time, a 10 year US Golf accessory manufacturer, is very proud of being a part of the success of this unique line that is finding its way into so many areas of junior golf, according to Hugh Penton, Starting Time President. "Starting Time" is a great name for the company as distributors of this program says Penton. It's time to start more young kids into golf and this is a perfect product to introduce kids to playing golf with a fun, yet instructional game.

The first presentation of My mini Golf was in Milan, Italy in January of 2008. It was developed in Munich, Germany by Georg Pal and Hannes Webber, two German Industrial Designers who loved playing miniature golf with their friends and felt that there was a need to design something for a mobile society. They decided at an outdoor barbecue party in 2005 to go ahead and instantly started building cardboard models of Mi mini Golf obstacles which they tested in the in front of the house, in complete darkness to find out if the shapes that they had developed would work. They then decided to produce them themselves as no other company was set up to take their designs and build them into perfect injection molded parts. They were convinced that the time was right for this brilliant idea for a new recreational product. They found that there wasn't a single product on the market like it, or that could be purchased at a reasonable price.

They started with cardboard models and then built full sized clay models with styling clay, a versatile material used in automotive design studios to produce full scale models used in automotive design. Georg Pal, as a designer with Audi was fully familiar with this material and the injection molding process for high grade plastic parts. Hannes Weber was the designer handling the graphic design, logistics, manufacturing and global marketing. Together they built a prize winning new golf friendly game, that is now available in the US and Canada, through Starting Time. (

As a crossover between golf and miniature golf it can be played on a variety of surfaces. Additionally you can arrange the obstacles one after the other to get totally new courses, either indoors or out, regardless of the weather or season. My mini Golf is not limited to just kids, as families can enjoy it together and club activities built around it for golf events or charity events. Call 800-851-5442 or visit the for answers to any questions.


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