Friday, June 22, 2012

SwingWing Golf introduces 6-in-1 inflatable power swing trainer

Wind resistance training improves tempo, clubhead speed, and warm-up

(COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich.) - SwingWing Golf is offering golf's only inflatable power swing trainer. The SwingWing is an amazing lightweight, easy-to-inflate 6-in-1 training tool that quickly slides over the grip of any club.

"The patented design of the SwingWing provides just the right amount of wind-resistance to develop a stronger, faster swing," said Dan Gitre, SwingWing inventor and CEO SwingWing Golf. "Wind-resistance training is a proven technique to help improve a golfer's tempo, lag, sequencing, and full body turn, resulting in increased distance off the tee."

Made of soft, flocked vinyl, the SwingWing will not damage your club. It is also the perfect tool for warming-up before you practice or play. With just 10 swings, you're warmed up and ready to play a great round of golf.

The SwingWing is simple to use. Just inflate the SwingWing, slide it onto the club shaft and position it near the head of the club and you are all set.

For strength building, swing the club 10 to 20 times, increasing your effort with each swing. To work on your tempo, swing the club and feel the resistance on both your backswing and as you bring the club forward through your swing.

In addition to warming-up, other features and benefits of the SwingWing include:
• Place between your forearms for proper arm position and symmetry
• Stabilize the wrists for controlled chipping and putting
• Place between your knees to involve your legs and torso and maintain a proper base
• Place under one arm to eliminate the "chicken wing"
• Use it as a prop for your clubs at the range or on a wet course
• Use it as an alignment tool or to help visualize and perfect the proper swing plane

After you are finished, the SwingWing can be attached to a towel hook on your bag, or it can be deflated and quickly stored in your golf bag.

The SwingWing retails for $29.99 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. For more information or to order, visit


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