Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simplicity Putter Promises Complete Elimination of Impact Twist

(PHOENIX) - Impact Twist is dreaded by golfers who strive to achieve precision putting because it causes the ball to fade off intended line with an adverse lateral spin. Most other putter makers try to minimize impact twist with high moment of inertia, but the new putter recently released by Simplicity Golf Putter Company eliminates dreaded impact twist entirely; this according to Simplicity Putter Physicist/Designer Duane Engdahl.

After 10 years of research and development on how golf putters actually work, Engdahl claims his new putter corrects a dozen design defects commonly found in other putters today; defects which cause the ball to launch off intended line, or launch with diminished touch. All twelve of these design defects and the associated fixes are fully discussed at the Benefits Tab of the website entitled, "Best New Golf Putter is Simplicity" (; including Impact Twist.

"Preserving Intended Line and Maintaining Intended Touch are critical to Precision Putting" says Engdahl, and he wryly adds, "This new putter not only does that, but it simply feels better and we all know that when it feels better it works better."

A custom made Simplicity Putter is priced at US$195 and is available at the Value Tab of the Simplicity Putter Website. This is a reasonable price for a putter having so many unique and important new benefits; plus it comes with excellent assurances including satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty, prompt delivery promise, and a fitting comeback benefit.


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