Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bag Boy Launches New Website with Enhanced Product Videos, Easier Navigation System

(RICHMOND, Va.) – Bag Boy announced the redesign and launch of its website The website has enhanced product images and videos, easy navigation with drop down menus and an innovation section highlighting Bag Boy’s 360 degree revolution.

A unique feature of the new website is the product section. In each category  ̶  golf bags, carts, travel covers and accessories  ̶   the website shows several images of the product that the user can zoom in and see larger, more specific product views and features. In addition to the product images, there is a video demonstration on how to use the product. The videos show the TriSwivel push cart and the  easy three-step fold system, T-2000 travel cover with the pivot grip that makes it effortless to maneuver clubs and the popular Revolver cart bag with its rotating top design that makes finding clubs simple.

The navigation system on the website has also been simplified. The drop down menus in each category makes getting the information that the user is looking for just one click away. The user will also be able to find retail locations, customer service information, register product, read or write product reviews and sign-up for promotions.

“The new site is very user friendly,” said Lizzie Leasure, Dynamic Brands Marketing Manager. “We reached out to customers to get feedback on what they liked on our site and what improvements they would like to see. The main focus of the design was to showcase the product features and the videos really highlighting the functionality and benefits of our products.”

Bag Boy also utilizes the website to show its product innovation and leadership technology in push cart, bag and travel cover categories. This year Bag Boy introduced three products that feature 360 degree technology with attributes that have distinct performance features and benefits to the consumer. The innovation section highlights these products and Bag Boy’s leadership role in the industry since 1946.

The new website is available to view at


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