Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SCORTM Golf Introduces the SCOR Challenge: The Most Innovative Satisfaction Guarantee in Golf

(Victoria, TX) – SCORTM Golf, a division of Eidolon Brands, today announced the boldest No Risk Performance Guarantee in golf: the SCOR Challenge.

“Play any SCOR4161 scoring club for up to 30 days. Compare its performance head-to- head with what you’re playing now, any demo wedges you can find, even clubs from your buddies’ bags. If you don’t find that SCOR4161 is all we say it is, just return it and we’ll buy you another wedge on the market you think you’d like better.”*

“While most companies' wedge offerings haven't changed much in the past 10-20 years, SCOR Golf has challenged 50+ years of 'conventional wisdom' about scoring clubs and started over with the goal of delivering better distance control, improved feel and forgiveness,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCORTM Golf. “The result is the most comprehensive package of technology ever developed for short game performance. It's so advanced we decided to offer the boldest, most innovative Satisfaction Guarantee in golf.”

“SCOR4161 is the most revolutionary development in golf equipment since the introduction of hybrids 10 years ago,” stated Koehler. “No one's ever put this much technology into scoring clubs before and we are willing to let our wedges prove that to anyone. SCOR's vertically enhanced sweet spot delivers better trajectories and distance control and our patented V-SOLE never met a lie it didn't like.

Available in 21 lofts, from 41 to 61 degrees, SCOR's scoring clubs allow any golfer to get exactly the right wedges for optimum gap management. Finally, our full custom-fit, custom-build process beats 'off the rack' wedges hands down.”

To complement the SCOR Challenge, SCOR Golf is also offering the SCOR Golf Limited Lifetime Warranty- SCOR products and components purchased from SCOR Golf, or any authorized SCOR Golf retailer, to be fee from defects in material and workmanship for a lifetime of use. “Simply put, SCOR Golf offers the most advanced short game solution in golf,” added Koehler. “These clubs will help you improve your scoring from the very first round. We guarantee it.”

The SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs is available at www.scorgolf.com and at a growing number of selected golf pro shops. The suggested retail price for a set of three wedges is $399.

*The Performance Guarantee applies to SCOR4161 clubs sold directly by SCOR Golf via the company‟s website or inside sales department. It does not apply to clubs built with non-standard shafts or grips. Replacement wedge must have a Suggested Retail Price equal to or less than the amount paid for the SCOR4161 club.

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