Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mitchell Golf's Putter Fitting Club Station Ideal for Belly Putters

(Dayton, OH) - With the growing demand for belly putters Mitchell Golf's Putter Fitting Club Station provides an exceptional fitting solution. It fits anywhere from 30 to 60 inches with the appropriate adaptor. It also measures for the correct lie angle and ideal loft adjustments for right or left-handed putters with its patented putter fitting gauge. Furthermore, the station can be adjusted for heel, mid-heel or center-shafted putters. A mirror is positioned at the bottom of the station so players can achieve the appropriate eye line at address.

The station is priced at $229.99 with an optional adaptor. Tom Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Golf, had the following to say about the Putter Fitting Club Station:

"Our station is a perfect tool for PGA Members, Club Fitters, Retailers and the like. It offers enough features to make the customer feel comfortable about their putter selection without overwhelming them with data."

Mitchell Golf also offers its Putter Fitting Club which does all the aforementioned fitting without a mirror at the base. It is priced slightly lower at $189.99 with an optional adaptor as well. Both the Putter Fitting Club Station and Putter Fitting Club can be purchased online at or by calling 800-437-1314.


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