Friday, May 18, 2012

Simplicity Physicist Explains Benefit of Putter Weighting

(Phoenix AZ) – Grip Weighting? Head Weighting? Shaft Weighting? No Weighting? What’s the Difference? What’s the Benefit? Some say it just makes the putter “feel” better somehow, but there is far more to it than that according to Simplicity Putter Physicist/Designer, Duane Engdahl.

“Back in 2005, the Heavy Putter  made its debut and golfers became aware of the idea of weighting putters” says Engdahl, “but they didn’t put forth objective reasoning as to why weighting was actually beneficial. Instead their reasoning was entirely subjective and unsubstantiated.  So I remained unconvinced until I could reason it out for myself and scientifically test my objective reasoning.

“Although skeptical at first, after studying the postulated weighting as a physicist would and doing verification testing as a scientist would, I found that the Heavy Weighting Idea had merit, and am pleased to give the Heavy Putter Company credit for originating this thinking," he added.

“At that time, we were marketing the Quantum Putter and we advocated a massive head and ridiculed the Heavy Putter for promoting a massive grip,” Engdahl continued. “But time goes and wisdom comes.  So the putter we are now marketing – the Simplicity Putter -- embodies optional weighting.  But I believe that the engineering implementation of our Simplicity Weighting is superior to the outdated implementation of Heavy Weighting.”

The Standard Simplicity Putter weighs in at 8 ounces of head and 8 ounces of shaft/grip for a total weight of 16 ounces (to convert ounces to grams multiply by 28.4). The Simplicity HW (head weighted option) adds 8 ounces to the head, for a total weight of 24 ounces. The Simplicity GW (grip weighted option) adds 8 ounces to the grip instead of the head, for the same total weight of 24 ounces. The Simplicity FW (fully weighted option) adds 8 ounces to the head and 8 ounces to the grip and 8 ounces to the shaft, for a total weight of 40 ounces.

This makes the Simplicity Putter both the lightest weight putter (less than 16 ounces) and also the heaviest weight putter (over 40 ounces) on the market today; and the choice of either head weighting or grip weighting or full shaft weighting satisfies all schools of thought on how to improve the putting stroke by weight distribution.

The objective reasoning behind putter weighting is discussed in detail at the Benefits Tab of the Simplicity Putter Website (


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