Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Welcomes Fausty Golf to its Award-Winning Golf Performance Institute

Golf Swing and Mobility Coach Ryan Faust Will Help Golfers Pick Up Significant Swing Speed

(Carlsbad, CA) – Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Southern California’s premier golf and luxury resort destination, has added speed and mobility coach Ryan Faust and his Fausty Golf Training program to its famed Golf Performance Institute, which was recently named among the “Best Golf Schools and Academies” in Golf Digest’s 2021 Editors’ Choice awards. Fausty Golf will complement the Performance Institute’s array of golf offerings that include instruction, RoboGolfPro swing training, Dave Pelz Scoring Game School, Roger Fredericks Golf Instruction and Flexibility Programs, a dedicated golf fitness program and True Spec club fitting. 

Ryan Faust
The 40-year-old Faust, a certified personal trainer, was the first Mach 3 Speed Training Authorized Instructor and the first Golf Fitness X certified coach in Southern California, and is Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified, among other accomplishments. But it’s the latter that is his basis for helping golfers. 

“I utilize TPI’s golf body assessment with every golfer I work with,” says Faust. “It gives us a really good foundation baseline of what limitations each golfer has within his or her ‘golf body’ and that's what we build a plan upon. Whether they're working with me from just a pure golf fitness perspective or a pure speed perspective, or a combination of both, we go through that screening, and that gives us a really good efficient plan to move forward. I’m helping people add clubhead speed and gain efficiencies with their swing through the various tools I utilize.” 

With his set-up, Faust is located on the La Costa practice range near top-rated instructor A.J. Avoli. He offers various individual sessions and packages. And as we purchase more product that individual session price goes down a little bit. He even offers a remote program, for golfers who are unable to physically visit the resort.

“We’re so excited to welcome Ryan to the Golf Performance Institute,” says Dustin Irwin, PGA Club Director at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. “His speed training program adds another outstanding option to take your game to the next level.  His ability to communicate with students and help them gain significant clubhead speed, mobility, flexibility and distance meshes well with everything else we offer here.”

Faust enjoys his new setting, specifically citing the energetic vibe of the famed resort. “Everybody is so happy here,” he says. “Guests are on vacation, we've got two championship golf courses that members and guests can play, and the facility is amazing. But mostly, I’m excited to be able to help people,” he adds.

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