Monday, April 5, 2021

ALTWELL Selects The Media Group to Manage Public Relations Efforts

ALTWELL offers CBD products designed to benefit golfers

(BENICIA, CA) — ALTWELL announced today that they’ve selected The Media Group, a golf-specific public relations firm based out of Chicago, Illinois to manage the media relations and communications efforts for their CBD products designed to benefit golfers.

ALTWELL is headquartered in Benicia, Calif. ALTWELL is a CBD brand established in 2018, rooted in health and wellness and led by a team with over 50 years of experience. ALTWELL is founded by the Pickett family who created, built, and later sold the Muscle Milk line of protein products. 

The company leverages its sport nutrition heritage in partnership with its in-house R&D team to create best-in-class CBD products consumers can trust both in quality and taste. ALTWELL uses triple testing to ensure quality and label accuracy across the entire line of CBD products. The brand’s U.S. based suppliers were selected for quality, potency, and consistency. 

Their science-focused leadership team believes in transparency and regulatory excellence from seed to shelf.

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