Tuesday, March 19, 2019

V1 Sports Launches V1 Golf App Updates

Update 2.3 kicks off a series of game-improvement product launches coming in 2019

(Novi , MI) –  V1 Sports (V1), producers of the industry leading golf swing analysis software for teaching pros and golfers, has released update version 2.3 of the V1 Golf IOS App.

Packed with technical improvements and an upgrade to the user interface, the V1 Golf 2.3 app builds upon the functionality that makes it the best swing analysis app in the world. This update is also the first of many software updates, new features, and product launches planned for this year.

“For over 20 years we’ve built V1 technology that was not only the easiest to use, but it also made golfers better – period.,” Bryan Finnerty, CEO of V1 Sports, said. “This new update is another step on our continuing journey to simplify and expedite the learning process.”

The major improvements to the App include new screen layouts supporting the iPhone X/XR/XS super retina display, upgraded analyzer tools, video filters, improved modes when comparing two different swings, enhanced video analysis and downloads from the cloud. Other improvements include improved golfers’ lessons in the Lesson Tab, analyzer tools, and added filters to name a few.  

To download the new V1 Golf IOS App click on the link.

Visit www.v1sports.com. Follow V1 on Twitter @v1sports.

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