Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Introducing: LiveView Pro—Quality Golf Practice Literally Anywhere

(RELEASE) — The newest generation of the LiveView camera has finally arrived: LiveView Pro.

LiveView Sports changed the way golfers practice with the innovative LiveView camera—the golf studio that fits in your pocket.

This compact, 4-ounce camera clips onto a tripod or alignment rod, allowing golfers to capture their swing from any angle. The device connects wirelessly to the LiveView app on the user’s smartphone or tablet, where it displays mirror-image video in real time. Thanks to LiveView, golfers and other athletes have discovered the practice benefits of instant, visual feedback, observing themselves from any perspective and correcting errors the moment they happen.

The last generation of LiveView, LiveView+Plus, became a must-have for every golfer thanks to features such as: 
-Video speed of 60 frames-per-second for high quality, high detail slow motion replay
-Option to draw coaching objects on video screen
-Smart swing trigger for auto record and instant video replay

Now, the all-new LiveView Pro takes these classic features to the next level by optimizing the LiveView camera for indoor use:
-The new, larger-than-ever lens gathers maximum light for clearer indoor video.
-LiveView Pro converts light with a sensor nearly 4 times larger than the previous model.
-The built-in wide angle lens reduces the minimum camera distance to 6.5 feet, making it easier to capture any angle of a golfer’s swing in an enclosed space.

These upgraded features make LiveView more versatile than ever. With this technology, accelerated improvement can be a reality for every golfer, no matter their practice environment. Even players without easy access to practice facilities in the cold season can now perfect their swing motion at home, with or without a ball, thanks to the features and feedback of LiveView Pro.

Even golfers who spend most of their practice time outdoors will quickly see the benefits of these advanced features. They can expect crisper images and reduced shaft-blur.

Finally—golfers no longer require wide open spaces and perfect weather to get in some truly quality practice. The new LiveView Pro levels the playing field and brings the benefits of kinesthetic learning right into your home or office.

For more information on how to take part in the promotion of LiveView Golf or marketing inquiries, contact Tyler Prins at Tyler@T-Interactive.com or by phone at 605-351-4378.

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