Friday, March 22, 2019

Product Review: Wynnr Youth Golf Apparel

The million-dollar question in the golf industry has long been, “how do we grow the game?” Getting the next generation involved in the sport is difficult when they’re pulled in so many directions — school, after-school activities, other sports — and time is so precious.

In the past, when you managed get your kid on the course, it’s been hard to find the right outfit. When they’re playing baseball, soccer or basketball, they have a uniform. If they take dance or karate lessons, they have to wear the right gear.

What about golf? Many private, resort or high-end public courses have a dress code. Putting my son in my place, I assume he doesn’t want to play in ill-fitting clothes and doesn’t want to look out of place in sweats and a t-shirt. Luckily, I found Wynnr.

Founded by a divorced dad of three young girls, the company promises a “hip, fun and colorful assortment of junior golf apparel that makes a bold but subtle statement out on the course.” They also come with a “Happiness Guarantee.” If you are not pleased with one of their products, simply return it for a full refund. Considering kids change their minds frequently, this is priceless.

Wynnr offers polos, shorts and outerwear (vests and hoodies) for both boys and girls. The company supplements the girls’ collection with a dress and skorts. I can promise that there’s a color and/or style perfect for any young golfer.

These clothes are affordable, comfortable and well-made. With kids’ propensity to turn any activity into a wrestling match or dance-off, you’ll appreciate all Wynnr has to offer.

Log onto and check out the brand for yourself. Once you get your child on the golf course, take full advantage of the captive audience, whether it’s an hour, two hours or four hours.

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