Saturday, March 2, 2019

Find the Right Titleist Ball for Your Game with the Golf Ball Selector Tool

(RELEASE) — Could you use some help finding the right Titleist golf ball model for your game? A great place to get started is right here on, using our New Golf Ball Selector Tool.

We developed this interactive app for those golfers who aren't able to attend a formal Titleist fitting event. The Selector Tool incorporates the same evaluation logic used by our Golf Ball Fitting Teams when they're helping golfers out in the field.

STEP 1: Click HERE and Put the Titleist Golf Ball Selector Tool to Work.

When you open the app, you'll be prompted to respond to a number of questions about your current game, your goals and your preferences. Based on your responses, the Selector Tool will identify a recommended and alternative golf ball model that are most likely to help you shoot your lowest scores.

STEP 2: Compare Your Golf Ball Models Side-By-Side

Once you've received your Selector Tool results, the next step is to take your recommended and alternate golf ball models to the golf course for an on-course evaluation. Compare the models side-by-side to see which golf ball ultimately performs the best for your game.

There are many ways to conduct an on-course evaluation*, but play closest attention to how the two models compare on shots around and into the greens. These shots have the greatest impact on score, so if one model is a clear winner in this area, that's almost always the best bet for helping you play your best golf.

To help keep track of how the two golf balls models perform and compare during your on-course testing, download our On-Course Evaluation Scorecard.

STEP 3: Play Your Winning Golf Ball Model Exclusively

Trust the outcome of your on-course evaluation. Use the same model golf ball on every shot of every round you play. This will eliminate a degree of variation that you would experience if you play a hodge-podge of different golf balls. When you know what to expect from your golf ball, your confidence and consistency will grow, and you'll see the results in lower scores.

Good luck and if you have any questions, check out the golf ball fitting and education page to learn more about the Titleist Approach.

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