Friday, March 8, 2019

LEUS Heads from the Beach to the Green to Change the Look and Feel of Golf Towels

(San Diego) – LEUS ( is a brand on a mission to change how people think about towels. In line with the journey of the modern surfer, LEUS is introducing their new LEUS Golf collection. The LEUS Golf line takes the vibe, and performance-driven innovation LEUS is known for in the neglected towel industry and brings it to purpose-driven towels for golfers.

LEUS pioneered change in the towel lifestyle category with their collection of surf towels and changing ponchos in 2017. The collection continues to feature an evolving mix of vibrant designs partnered with an ultra-soft feel that have surfers and beachgoers wondering if everything they think they know about towels is wrong. LEUS continued to follow the path of the modern surfer, going from the beach to their chosen fitness activity when they launched LEUS Active in 2018. The LEUS Active line features vibrant designs and technology-driven gym and yoga mat grip towels, using cotton, microfiber, and ink constructions independently certified to be free from harmful substances.

The upcoming LEUS Golf towel line will include multiple products, featuring different constructions and form factors based on their intended use, along with vibrant graphic designs the brand is known for. Following the mantra that fun feels better, LEUS Golf has some of the most technically advanced and statement-making towels in the industry, curated to make sure players have the towels they need to help elevate their game and mood.

The first product to debut in the new LEUS Golf collection is the Caddy Towel (MSRP $32.00). The Caddy Towel’s ultra-absorbent microfiber design features a waffle texture for effortlessly removing dirt and grime from club heads, and its center slit allows it to be hung easily off a club in a player’s bag. Able to hold four times its weight in water, the Caddy Towel’s anti-microbial treatment helps prevent harmful microbes from making their way from the course to the player’s hands and home, supplementing the benefits of its health harmless Oeko-Tex® 100 certified microfiber and ink construction.

The performance characteristics of the LEUS Caddy Towel helps it stand-up to rigorous play, but its design elements are what makes it stand out when seen on the player’s bag. LEUS’ unique printing process allows for potent designs and photo-quality prints to be seamlessly printed one side of the towel in a way that doesn’t add the stiffness or crunch typically found on printed towels. The LEUS Golf Caddy Towels also feature a plain, colored backside, so players can reverse their towels on days when they want a more subdued look. Some early testers of the LEUS Caddy Towel have even remarked that they enjoy changing which side of the towel faces out so it can match their kit for the day.

Why Golf?
LEUS’ entry into golf follows the journey of the modern surfer. A quick social media search will show that many of the world’s elite surfers play golf during lay days on the pro tour when the waves are flat, and this pastime extends to weekend warriors as well. LEUS Golf collection isn’t for hackers who surf; it’s for anyone that wants a performance-driven towel that adds some fun to their kit while out on the course.

“Towels should not be an afterthought. It doesn’t make sense for a player to use the same towel on their face or hands that they do when cleaning their clubs or golf balls. The LEUS Golf collection includes different shapes and constructions built for their intended tasks, and also gives players the opportunity to add extra flair to their golf kit, allowing them to choose a towel that matches their shoes, shirt or mood for that day,” commented Dorig Bocquet, CEO of LEUS.

More To Come
The Caddy Towel won’t be the only part of the LEUS Golf line to make its debut this year. Limited edition versions of the LEUS Tri-Fold Towel will be available in very select quantities as part of curated collaborations throughout the year, before becoming widely available in 2020.

The first LEUS Golf collaboration will kick off in March through a co-branded line as part of its role as the official towel of the PGA TOUR’s THE PLAYERS Championship. The line will include both the LEUS Golf Caddy Towel and the Tri-Fold towel, available for sale in limited quantities onsite at the TPC Sawgrass event, through, and LEUS’ own website at

On the opposite end of the globe, LEUS will also be creating a capsule collection with the pioneering Harajuku-based lifestyle retailer BEAMS. The LEUS x BEAMS GOLF collection will be available in limited quantities through the BEAMS GOLF distribution network.

The LEUS Tri-Fold Caddy Towel is designed with a different intention in mind than their Caddy Towel. Featuring an integrated carabiner so it can hang easily off a player’s bag, the Tri-Fold towel is constructed from health harmless Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton and inks, providing an incredibly soft touch when players reach for it. Folded into three sections and measuring 20.5” X 20.5” total, it provides ample clean surface area for players every time.

Additional product information on the LEUS Golf collection as well as its beach and fitness collections can be found online at

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