Friday, March 15, 2019

CaddieNow Hires Michael Azulay as VP, Product & Tech

Newest personnel addition is respected On-Demand Technology Expert

(Haymarket, VA) – CaddieNow, the nation’s most trusted caddie programming, has hired noted platform technology expert Michael Azulay as Vice President of Product & Technology, Dave Cavossa, CaddieNow Founder and CEO, announced today.

Azulay, an on-demand technology expert with a previous stint at Uber, will be responsible for the CaddieNow mobile and web platforms and the enhancements of the platforms for further on-demand labor. Throughout his career, he has worked on Tech products and operations management for various stages of startups, with a focus on growth. The last four years he’s worked in the on-demand and golf tech spaces. He began working at CaddieNow on March 1, 2019.

“Michael possesses the rare combination of golf experience and on-demand, industry insider knowledge,” Cavossa said.  “This is the kind of top-flight talent that is taking CaddieNow to the new level. We’re proud and happy he’s joined us as we continue to grow and requests for our services from the best clubs increase.”

The last year and half, Azulay has worked in the golf and youth sports tech space with a focus on marketing and business development. His work helped guide enhancements to various app product roadmaps. His passion is to lead product growth through the use of data and create as much automation within processes to help teams scale.

“CaddieNow is a great opportunity for golf to bring young people into the sport while providing more people and places to work in the gig economy,” Azulay said. “I’m excited and honored to be a part of a positive, fast-growing company like CaddieNow.”

Azulay has spent his entire career focused on high tech products, projects, and operations management for various stages of startups. He has the ability to analyze data and create effective strategies, and is also a strong communicator. He has worked in roles as a liaison between businesses and end users. He is extremely familiar with the On-Demand, gig economy, having worked for Uber, where he managed day-to-day operations of 10 markets across the Southwest region and scaled the business across markets with upwards of 600% growth.

“This tremendous growth was accomplished through market-specific product enhancements, consistent experimentation, and supply/demand growth through various organic and marketing initiatives,” Azulay said. “I will bring and utilize these same strategies to assist CaddieNow continue its growth and expansion.”

He has pushed boundaries to get his work accomplished and open new markets. With his strong organizational skills, he was able to navigate through tough legislation by partnering with businesses, which played a vital role in the passing of legislation in favor of Uber and ridesharing in New Mexico.

Azulay is a graduate of the University of Illinois and is passionate about athletics. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife, Tracy, and their three children, Addison, Adrian and Ethan.

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