Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Product Review: Pukka Hats

I’m guilty of playing favorites. I have a favorite sports bar that has the best wings and coldest beer; favorite pair of jeans that are perfect for any occasion; and, until recently, a favorite baseball cap. Made by Pukka, this hat was perfect - ideal for my head and the brim was bent to just the right degree. Sad to say that … it is no longer.

Easy solution: Log onto pukkainc.com and pick out a replacement. Much easier said/typed than done, my friend. That’s because Pukka offers SO MUCH VARIETY.

Just in their golf section, check out all the styles: Ultra-Fit, Core, Tech, Stretch-Fit, Tour, Lifestyle, Camo, Juniors, Ladies, Visors, Buckets, Beanie Knit, Cuffed Knit, Vintage Knit, Ribbed Knit, Performance Mesh Lined Knit, Fleece Lined Knit, Twisted Yarn Knit, Waffle Knit, Cable Knit, Ear Band Knit and Scarves. Within each of those categories, there are style options that will make your head spin. That’s just golf!

By process of elimination … I’m not a kid or woman, so I can scratch juniors and ladies off the search. The years have not been kind to my hairline (twin peaks), so I can cross visors off the search. Even in Northeast Ohio, winter has yet to arrive, so there go the knits and scarves. Also, I’m not ready to graduate to the bucket hats, so you’d think I’ve narrowed my quest for a new go-to hat down, but you’d be wrong. There are still way too many from which to choose.

Thanks to a generous care package from Pukka, I can now verbalize what it is I’m looking for in a new, favorite hat. My “must-have” list includes a low crown, unstructured hat with a curved visor. Great, but the company offers several styles to meet those needs … some are fitted, while others have Velcro or snap-back closures. Some are mesh, some are cotton, some are more technologically advanced materials.

While my search for the perfect hat continues, my destination will remain Pukka. Check out pukkainc.com to begin your own hunt. And there’s so much more than golf, BTW. Pukka makes hats for team sports, cycling, fitness, surfing and so much more.

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