Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Overload Golf Announces 'Golf Code' a Digital Platform of Apps and Services

(Kirkland, Wash.) - Overload Golf, an innovative company bringing together complementary businesses, ideas, products and markets, while applying innovation from other industries to golf, announces Golf Code - a digital platform of apps and services focused around golfers and golfing professionals.

Golf Code is a proprietary platform within Overload Golf focusing on developing technologies to create efficiency in golf. This involves gathering analytics in the golf industry to create tools to deliver a better experience and for businesses and their customers.

"We're also creating platforms that will allow instruction and academies to run more efficiently and deliver a better experience to their clients," says Brett Campbell, CEO of Overload Golf. "We continue building our consulting business and driving innovation.  If we identify any technology that we deem can assist golf audiences, we'll invest in developing and bringing it to market through Golf Code. Some examples include marketing tools for golf professionals and beginning golfers purchasing and buying habits. Golf is very slow to adapt to technology, so in many cases parts of the business are not run as efficiently as they should be. Therefore, we identify and create platforms that create exponential efficiency change, resulting in more revenue for golf companies and happier golfers."

With Campbell's global alliance and partnership experience from Nintex, he is bring a wealth of information on developing alliances with local, national and international brands that will partners with Overload

Campbell, who has more than 25 years of IT experience built on top of a strong retail background in Australia, adds that the Golf Code platform provides a range of online services that caters to both consumers and business partners in golf. The way Golf Code collects and curates golfer and golf pro information allows us to track, assess and reuse information - gathering information that's never been previously exposed to decision makers. Golf Code's value will be to reduce costs and increase sales, by personalizing the experience for golfers and professionals.

More information: www.overloadgolf.com.

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