Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Integrity Golf Company Increases Emphasis on Hospitality through New Employee Training Program

(KISSIMMEE, Florida) – Integrity Golf Company (www.integritygolfco.com), a golf-course management company dedicated to sound business practices and exceptional customer service, has increased its emphasis on hospitality at the facilities throughout its portfolio. In consonance with this intensified focus is the new companywide implementation of the S3 employee training program.

“The S3 program is built on the foundation of integrity and on the principles of providing our Integrity Golf Company family with the tools needed to succeed,” said Gene Garrote, president & CEO of Integrity Golf Company. “This program brings ‘foresight to the forefront’ and allows each and every team member an opportunity to participate in a unique training showcase, developing stronger skills in the key areas of success.

“We take pride in the high level of customer service and satisfaction at our facilities, and look forward to continuing and enhancing these company keystones in the future.”

S3 revolves around three critical pillars: sales, service and safety. The importance of service in the hospitality business will be shared to help make customer service second nature to all S3 graduates, benefitting all both personally and professionally. Learning how sales and service go hand in hand will be a key focus that will be presented in a variety of interactive and entertaining platforms, all geared toward leaving lasting impressions on attendees and providing useful tips and tools for use on a daily basis. Safety also will be a key element in the S3 training, as it will be made clear that safety takes precedence over all, in order to keep the Integrity Golf Company teams, families and guests safe at all times.

For more information, see www.integritygolfco.com.

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