Monday, March 6, 2017

Golf Industry Veterans Introduce Bloodline Golf’s Game-Changing Putter Technology

(JUPITER, Fla.) — Bloodline introduced its innovative Bloodline RG-1 Mallet putter, which recently wrapped up availability on Kickstarter. Bloodline draws on a rich heritage of family tradition and golf industry success to bring a breakthrough technology to the premium putter market.

The company will have an official launch event at this year’s Masters and will make product available in golf retail stores by May 2017.

Bloodline was founded by golf industry veterans, Brad Adams and Larry Bischmann, who are building on individual careers where they were leaders at companies that became #1 on the PGA TOUR and held dominant positions in the marketplace. The Bloodline name, which was conceived by Brad's nephew, pays tribute to the Adams family’s success in the golf industry. Brad’s grandfather, Vale Adams, was a well-respected club professional from McHenry, Illinois. His father, Gary Adams, founded Taylor Made Golf and is known as the “Father of the Metal Wood”.

The Bloodline RG-1 Mallet putter features an innovative and patented design that allows a player to clearly see where the putter is aligned because they can walk behind it while it stands alone on the green. From behind the face, it’s possible to see the club, ball, target line, and hole without having to tilt your head or use your peripheral vision. After over 2 years of discussion and submissions, Bloodline’s RG-1 has received the decision notification that it “Conforms to the Rules of Golf”.

The proven recipe of removing mass from a specific part of a golf club in combination with utilizing more advanced materials is at the foundation of many of the improvements in driver technology. Bloodline applied this technique to produce an ultralight shaft/grip that allows the RG-1’s conventional head design to stand on its own.

“Bloodline is not the first stand-up putter but it is the first stand-up putter that can meet the many demands of a PGA TOUR player,” said Adams. “The first objective was to design a putter that players would choose to play regardless of whether it stands up on its own or not. We went through numerous iterations and have a proprietary combination of touch points that are critical to Bloodline’s breakthrough technology.”

“Once we designed the premium putter head, we matched it with a high-performance carbon fiber shaft,” added Bischmann. “We believed it would be possible to design a putter that could take advantages of stand-up features for alignment but wouldn’t sacrifice anything when it came to feel at impact, distance control, and precise ball striking. A portfolio of patents cover the proprietary aspects of the Bloodline putter’s cutting-edge technology.”

The Bloodline RG-1 Mallet putter construction features a machined aluminum face, body, and hosel that are bonded to a stainless steel sole plate. Additionally, a unique sole design was developed to help the putter stand alone without interfering with the ground during the swing.

According to Bischmann, “When it comes to putters, shaft length seems to be the only spec that gets mentioned. For the Bloodline putter, designing a putter shaft that is unlike anything that has been played before is what makes the difference. We have created an ultralight shaft that does not compromise on feel or flex characteristics. We have also integrated an oversized gripping section directly into the shaft.”  This pioneering construction enables Bloodline putters to have an extremely low balance point that helps give more feel and release during the stroke.

Brad Adams, has been in the golf industry for 30 years. In 1991 he became Sr VP at Odyssey Golf and was a key member of the team that built the brand that continues to dominate the putter category. Brad is credited with developing and co-authoring the Odyssey polymer insert patent. During his tenure managing the PGA, SPGA, LPGA and EPGA tours, Odyssey saw hundreds of players use the product and win over 100 events. Brad also was a founder of the Never Compromise putter company which had more victories on the major golf tours in its first year than any other putter company.

Larry Bischmann has over 15 years experience in the golf industry. Larry received his engineering degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL.  In 2000, he was the Tour Engineer and part of TaylorMade adidas Golf’s Global Sports Marketing team that re-claimed the #1 driver count on the PGA TOUR.  Starting in 2003, Larry built the team and strategy that launched the super-premium driver shaft named Diamana, which became the winningest driver shaft on the PGA TOUR.

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