Tuesday, December 23, 2014

U.S. Recreational Golf Association Launches New Website Aimed at Making Golf More Fun

(Carlsbad, CA) - The U.S. Recreational Golf Association (USRGA), founded in May of 2014 by industry veterans, John B. Hoeflich and David L. Felker, announced the launch of a new version of its website www.usrga.org.

The new site displays a modern intuitive feel and updated content including membership information, golf etiquette, the USRGA Rules of Golf, blogs, equipment reviews, deals and promotions for members.

"Golfers are some of the most active participants in seeking information about their sport on the worldwide web," said USRGA founder David Felker. "Having a vibrant interactive website is a key to spreading the USRGA message to recreational and serious golfers worldwide. Our new website provides a forum for golfers to access simplified rules, special deals only available to our members, and information on equipment and ways to make the game more fun."

"There are 40 million golfers worldwide. A small percentage of those players have a handicap and play by the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf and most never play in high level competitions," states John B. Hoeflich, Executive Director. "For too long these golfers have lacked representation when it comes to determining the etiquette and rules for play and equipment that more accurately reflect the way they play the game. The USRGA is now that voice."

The USRGA appreciates any and all support from the golf community and wants to work in partnership with all organizations and companies to help grow the game of golf. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the USRGA should go to www.usrga.org for more details or to enroll directly. Those wanting to become a Friend or Sponsor of the USRGA are asked to contact info@usrga.org to request more information.

About the US Recreational Golf Association
Founded in 2014 the USRGA is an organization serving the needs of recreational golfers, golf courses and golf companies. Its focus is on working to grow recreational golf awareness and participation. The USRGA was established to create a community, forum and voice for recreational golfers who embody the original spirit of the game. The USRGA will endeavor to grow the game by making it more fun, faster pace, less expensive and less complicated for the majority of golfers who love the game but do not participate in competitions played under the USGA Rules of Golf. From its headquarters in Carlsbad, California the association provides information services and benefits for its members, developed and maintains simplified USRGA Etiquette and Rules of Golf and offers deals and promotions to enhance members' enjoyment of the game. Membership in the USRGA is free and golfers and non-golfers are urged to find out more about the USRGA at www.usrga.org or on Facebook (US Recreational Golf Association) or Twitter at @usrga.

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