Monday, December 22, 2014

Product Review: CHASE54

From left: Billie, Clooney and Grant from CHASE54
Gone are the days of ugly, ill-fitting golf shirts (at least we hope they’re gone). You remember the victorious 1999 US Ryder Cup team, right? Thankfully, companies like CHASE54 are combining fashion-forward appearance with state-of-the art fabrics to create incredible clothing that looks as great as it feels.

From left: Dylan and Luke
CHASE54 refers to 54 as the “perfect score.” The designers’ pursuit of perfection has led to myriad pieces as functional on the course as they are stylish off it. The “StaCrisp” pocket, brass collar stays and pewter buttons are just a few details that set this brand apart.

Some of the other technology CHASE54 boasts include:
* Dry Fuze - a patented moisture-wicking fabric keeping players cool and dry;
* Sorona by DuPont - a renewable sourced fiber made from corn, bringing color brilliance, stain and odor resistance, and stretch recovery;
* High Gauge – a micropolyester unlike any other. Finer yarns and a tighter weave equal featherweight top performance comfort; and
* Heat Retention – this actively absorbs energy from the sun, transforming it into heat to stay warm without heavy, thick insulation.

We’ve tried various pieces from the CHASE54 collection and have yet to find a flaw. The shirts (above from left: Billie, Clooney, Grant) and jackets (pictured: Dylan, Luke) are incredibly comfortable and meticulously detailed.

Far too often we find jackets that look great, but are constricting on the course. At CHASE54, appearance jibes perfectly with performance. And, considering the shirt you wear on a hot day can be just as important as the driver you tee off with, it’s nice to know Dry Fuze will keep the shirt flowing, as opposed to sticking to your sweaty skin and binding your swing.

Wearing CHASE54 on the golf course is tantamount to making the statement: I look great, feel great and will play great. Now you just need your confidence to coincide with lower scores.

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