Wednesday, May 17, 2017

USGA: ShoeTips Swing Thought Reminder System is Now 'Permitted under the Rules of Golf'

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - ShoeTips Golf received formal notification from the USGA today that their revolutionary, new swing thought reminder system-designed to help golfers of all skill levels master their mental game while they play-is now PERMITTED UNDER THE RULES OF GOLF. ShoeTips is worn on your shoes or displayed on your golf bag, providing a readily visible reminder of two positive swing thoughts before each shot.

New "oval" shaped design is now Permitted Under the Rules of Golf

"We couldn't be more excited by the USGA's decision," said Steve Lewis, Founder & CEO of ShoeTips. "We felt from the start that using ShoeTips would help golfers maintain their focus so they could achieve peak performance, lower their scores and enjoy the game more. This decision allows any amateur or pro golfer, including those posting scores for handicap purposes or competing in a USGA sanctioned tournament, to use ShoeTips during any round. That's huge, and great news for golfers worldwide!"

Flexible and Easy to Use
Using ShoeTips is easy. Before you play, select two swing thoughts you want to remember from the 18 provided. Insert the labels securely into the two base clips and slide the clips easily, and snugly, over your shoelaces. The reminders will be in full view on your shoes as you address the ball. To use them on your golf bag instead, simply insert the base clips through the slots on our enclosed BagTag. Now you'll have a reminder of positive thoughts each each time you select a club.

ShoeTips' 18 familiar swing thoughts were chosen based on input from golf pros and sports psychologists. The labels are easy to change and organized into 3 categories-focus, relating to your mind; feel, to your body; and technique, to your swing mechanics. Can't find the tip you want? Write your own custom tips on the reverse side of the labels with an indelible marker.

Mental Focus Promotes Peak Performance
Golf's greatest players, instructors and coaches, sports psychologists, writers, and scientific research on performance and the mental game all agree: Regardless of a person's skill level, if you can focus completely on, and become fully absorbed in the task at hand, with nothing left over for worry or doubt, you'll achieve a state of peak performance.

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