Thursday, February 23, 2017

Product Review: ShoeTips

When I first began to play golf, it was such a simple game ... See the ball, hit the ball. As with life, the game became more complicated over time. From “head down, eye on the ball” to “right elbow in,” “pivot,” “rotate” and more. Swing thoughts often got in the way of actually playing the game.

How can a golfer be expected to enjoy the game while having to remember so many different things? ShoeTips is here to help.

A simple, but ingenious concept, ShoeTips are basic tips that slide into position at the base of your laces. There are 18 swing thoughts from which to choose:
Back and Thru
Breathe - Focus
Stay Down
Commit - Trust
Soft Hands
Ball Position
Hit Down
Swing Plane

Any one of these tips could be straight from the pages of your last lesson. Take what the pro told you to the course for reinforcement.

Did the pro tell you something else? No worries ... the back of each plate is white, making it simple to write down what the pro said with a permanent marker and you have a customized lesson.

For those posting handicaps or playing in a tournament, you may want to avoid the laces and use the handy bag tag instead. This way you won’t be stepping on the toes of the USGA and committing an infraction of the Rules of Golf.

Make your shoe tops the last thing you look at before turning your focus to the ball. Free your mind and start playing golf like you did when you were a kid. See the ball, hit the ball, and play better golf with ShoeTips swing thoughts.

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