Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sunice Announces Its 2015 Pro Sport and Sport Layers Spring/Summer Collections

(Montreal, Quebec) - Sunice has unveiled the Spring/Summer 2015 Pro Sport and Sport Layers collections   The collections are focused on providing the golf market the best performance outerwear available - while keeping the company's promise to provide a balance of style complimenting the technical aspects of the garments.  Sunice 2015 is all about comfort and function - addressing the needs of the golfer and designing and developing garments that meet their specific use to allow them to perform better while playing.

Men's Collection

The men's collections also kept a similar approach to colour.  Sunice is witnessing a resurgence of colour reflecting a newness and opportunity.  Instead of the traditional manner of taking black and charcoals and popping them with colour - the company took the colour and popped with the basics.  Neon greens, vibrant blues and rich yellows trimmed with colour staples of pure white, grey and blacks reinvents modern golf by adding fashion to the science of the game.  The prints that were once classic patterns utilized to follow a more traditional course were then deconstructed to add the unexpected - giving it a more Sunice feel.

Women's Collection

In the ladies collections the colours embrace femininity yet have undertones of bolder more unexpected twists of colours.  The palette is vibrant and rich with jeweled tones and neon pinks complimented with classic whites and grounded to charcoal for a more commercial palette.  Deep saturated hues of greens that pay homage to the natural resources of the rainforest and all its luster and wonder.

Sunice has expanded its sport collection adding down vests and jackets with stretch panels.  We felt there was a need for the player to have the warmth of down but required the stretch and protection of a 3L stretch insert to allow for full range of motion. Pro Sport and Sport collections provide different levels of protection from an array of weather conditions. The success of Sunice's golf platform derives from our capability to offer innovation through research and development and diversification in our products providing the ultimate Freedom to play, no matter the weather.

Pro-Sport Collection

Taking what we do best and applying it outside of the raingear spectrum has resulted in  the Sunice Pros port Collection. This category features WINDSTOPPER by Gore as its high-end performance gear, resulting in lightweight and fashion driven layering pieces.

For those weather conditions that are a little more demanding, your ultimate choice should be a WINDSTOPPER garment. Combining the most breathable, 100% windproof liner with lightweight wool blends, offer a cross sport jacket with ultimate performance.  The standout piece for the season is our ladies Harper hooded quilted hybrid jacket.

 The Sunice wind gear collection fulfils our commitment to adding comfort to fashion by providing the ultimate second lightweight layer to our layering system.  Laser cut welding details, rusching, bolder print space dyes, bright colour combos, new trims are just some of the new teasers to look for when trying on our new Sunice wind gear.

"The Sunice Pro Sport Collection is a great example of how we at Sunice are providing performance with Fashion - windstopper lined wool sweaters that not only block the wind but also allow the golfer to wear less layers to protect them from the elements thereby having greater freedom of movement," said Micheline Gallant, Sunice Golf Designer.

Sport Layers Collection

Adding properly designed layers into a golf wardrobe can enhance a golfer's overall physical performance and ultimately improve their golf game. Sunice Performance Layers are designed to create an apparel layering system that allows golfers to play at their very best in all weather conditions. For cool mornings or damp dawns early in the season, when an extra layer is needed without the extra bulk or weight, the Sutter has been added to this category which features our ever popular Allendale Superlight FX Pullover to complete this offering.  Thermal properties combined with moisture wicking attributes, and bright color combinations are just a few of the details that make these layering pieces stand out from the rest.

 The ladies 2015 offering has also been updated to include new lifestyle pieces in the Cassie car coat and the Finley down vest.  We focused on the femininity of the player in providing more contoured silhouettes to give shape and movement to the player yet never compromising performance.  Athletic couture was the mindset behind the ladies spring collection.

"Our layers collection continues to evolve and has become a staple for us in pursuing the ultimate layering performance system to enable the golfer to maintain his inner microclimate so he can player longer and drive the ball father as a result," said Gallant. "Our Allendale thermal pullover is one of our most popular pieces as it not only embraces the DNA of the brand through its design but also its performance, fit and functionality which all address the key benefits for the player.

Layering our Allendale underneath the Berlin waterproof short sleeved pullover is the perfect pairing for any golfer to play in any weather condition.  All our layers are designed and developed with the mindset of making fashion comfortable and allowing the golfer to go from sport to life and life to sport."

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