Saturday, March 28, 2015

Focus Golf Products Announces a Website Redesign

Focus Golf Products partners with Click4Corp, a web design company based in Plano, TX to create their new website

(Plano, TX) - Focus Golf Products has decided to update their website with a modern presentation of the site's content. The emphasis on flat design creates a simple and elegant user experience, and accents the golf inspired color scheme that matches the Focus Golf Products Logo. The products offered as well as pictures related to the company will be featured on the site. Products and their descriptions will be easily accessible through the website navigation menus.

The site will feature responsive web design technology, which is a major leap to creating a high profile website. The site will have adaptive elements that can rearrange and resize based on variables such as screen size, resolution, browser type, and more. This means the site will be able to tap into more internet traffic than before by not limiting the devices users can view from. The user experience will also be optimized for all devices, providing simple navigation of information. With an ever expanding amount of traffic originating from mobile devices, now more than ever is the time for Focus Golf Products to move to a site that is updated to 2015 web standards.

The site also creates links to social media and Youtube to help create a beneficial public image and good reputation. This also promotes connection of current and potential customers to Focus Golf Products. This communication is beneficial for the business as well as the users. For example, the Youtube account for Focus Golf Products provides videos that showcase their products fully, as well as used so buyers can see exactly what to expect.

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