Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FJ Introduces HYPERFLEX Shoes With the Premium BOA Closure System

Following  the January introduction of the new HYPERFLEX category, FootJoy, the #1  Shoe in Golf, expands the line with shoes that feature the popular Boa Closure System

(RELEASE) - HYPERFLEX, the most distinctive footwear category in FJ’s history, features innovative  materials  like  the  new  FlexGrid  exoskeleton,  to  deliver lightweight  support  and cushioning so you can play at your highest level. The  three  new  styles that will be introduced with the Boa Closure System enable  players  to  enjoy the performance and comfort of HYPERFLEX with an additional level of custom, micro-adjustable, consistent fit.

“When  we  first learned of this new alternative system to laces, it didn’t take  long  to realize there were many similarities between the brands that have,  years  later, resulted in a long-standing, successful relationship,” said  Doug  Robinson. “The  Boa  Closure  System, like the FJ line of golf shoes, has undergone significant improvements since the first collaborative product  was  introduced  and  now,  with HYPERFLEX, we’re excited to marry their most advanced system with our latest performance product.”

FJ was the first golf shoe manufacturer to implement the Boa Closure System after  it  had  gained  popularity  in  other industries like snowboarding, cycling  and  outdoor/hiking. In fact, the collaboration between FJ and Boa dates  back  to  2004 when FJ first began developing a shoe that integrated the closure system, called ReelFit. Since then, the system has gone through numerous  iterations  and  been  incorporated  in a wide range of FJ shoes, including Tour-caliber categories like FJ ICON, D.N.A., and Contour Series.

After  testing  all possible locations for the Boa dial mount, FJ concluded the heel-mounted system was ideal for golf.

As  you  engage  the  system, the Boa Dial pulls  the stainless steel laces evenly through the nylon guides on the top of the shoe and back through the collar,  gradually  guiding  the foot down and back into the heel pocket as the  collar  surrounds  the  ankle for a secure, consistent and comfortable fit.  In  addition,  the  even dispersion of pressure across the top of the foot  eliminates  friction,  pressure  points  and  the  inconvenience  of traditional laces.

The  ability  to  micro-adjust the dial also allows the player to dial in a truly  custom  fit  throughout the entirety of their round. Comprised of 49 strands  of aircraft-grade stainless steel, the laces are soft and flexible for  comfort, but also stronger per gram than tank armor so will not loosen or break during a round.

“I  am  an avid skier and have worn boots with the Boa system before,” said 3-time  PGA  Tour  winner, Charley Hoffman. “Once FootJoy came out with the Boa  option,  it  was an instant fit for me because you never have to worry about your shoe coming loose during the round and you have a perfectly even fit throughout the entire shoe.”

“Once you tighten them up in the locker room, you don’t have to worry about them the rest of the day.”

· FlexGrid  2.0  exoskeleton upper – The high-performance upper material defines  the  aesthetics  of  HYPERFLEX  but  also  has a highly functional purpose. The soft and comfortable material helps to control the foot during the  swing  and  retain  its  shape  over  time.  The  upper incorporates a breathable membrane that is guaranteed waterproof for two years.

· FineTunedFoam  2.0 – The inclusion of FTF 2.0 provides the exceptional comfort  of HYPERFLEX. The next-generation midsole, constructed of a softer and lighter EVA blend, delivers supercharged cushioning.
· O.P.S. - Visible at the rear of the shoe, the Optimized Performance Stabilizer provides support and motion control towards the heel.
· N.E.O. - Next Evolutionary Outsole, equipped with ‘Tornado’ Cleats by SoftSpikes,  has  been  specifically engineered with thin TPU that provides flexible-yet-durable  underfoot  traction  elements  that  utilize  the Fast-Twist insert system.

In addition to the four laced styles that were introduced 1/15/15, three styles will be available 4/15/15 with the premium Boa Closure System:
MSRP: $210

For more information on HYPERFLEX, visit: www.footjoy.com/HYPERFLEX.

For more information on FJ and Boa, visit: http://www.footjoy.com/fjlegacy/boa/.

For more information on Boa, visit: www.BoaTechnology.com.

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