Monday, March 30, 2015

FORE Georgia Announces Results of Reader Travel Study

(MARIETTA, GA) - FORE Georgia (, the "Official Golfers' Magazine of the Georgia PGA", announced the results of a Reader Travel Survey they had administered by Golf Industry Services recently.

Conducted by Kirk Pagenkopf, President of Golf Industry Services, the purpose was to survey FORE Georgia's database of 43,110 opt-in, avid golfers in the state of Georgia to determine their desire to travel to play golf, understand where they travel and the frequency of their travel and to learn what if any changes in the editorial of the magazine would be desired by the current audience

The Executive Summary of the Travel Study included the following:

FORE Georgia has a mostly male, 45+ readership that plays golf at both private and public facilities, is very engaged in golf and a better than average engagement in golf travel with more than 80% indicating that they travel specifically to play golf. Frequency of travel is also higher with the majority of readers traveling more than three times per year.

The digital readership of FORE Georgia was actually higher than current industry norms. This is an indication of the readers' use of technology and their willingness to engage in digital content. Use and application of technology provides obvious benefits to FORE Georgia for the use of video and other rich content especially well-suited for travel content.

The mode of transportation is consistent with geographic travel and destinations in the Southeast region of the US. FORE Georgia readers travel to all of the traditional Southeast Regional golf destinations with regular frequency. One of the stats that are higher than normal is the readers' willingness to travel more than 6 hours by car. While not a majority of the readership, there are a significant percentage of readers that are willing to drive 6+ hours to play golf. This data point would indicate that the editorial and content from all surrounding states would be welcome information for the FORE Georgia reader.

Additional travel content and editorial is also supported by the methods of booking travel. FORE Georgia readers book travel direct with the resort or directly online. This would indicate that the reader is seeking golf travel information that will help them book the trip.   Travel specials, unique offers and other content directly related to activation is strongly recommended.

Another factor influencing travel content is the number of non-golf travelers with the groups. More than 40% of readers indicate that non-golfers travel with them. This data point would indicate the need to integrate non-golf edit into the overall mix. For example, content on golf resorts that have other amenities or regions that offer more than just golf is important to the readership of FORE Georgia Magazine.

Overall, FORE Georgia Magazine and their readership would benefit from a comprehensive travel editorial strategy to include resort features, destination profiles and other types of golf related travel content. One data point of significant interest is the FORE Georgia reader interest in travel specials with nearly 80% of all readers interested in travel special and information.

The results show that amongst FORE Georgia readers:  
* 81.82% want to see more golf travel editorial.
* 89.42% travel to play golf.
* 43.33% travel to play golf in the southeast.
* 74.81% want to receive Stay & Play specials from resorts.

"Georgia has long been recognized as a vibrant travel market," said Ed Bowen, Director of National Sales for FORE Georgia Magazine. "80% of FORE Georgia's readers reside in the Atlanta area and have ready access to the world's busiest airport with direct flights to golf resorts worldwide. As a feeder market for southeastern golf resorts, Georgia's avid golfers are a one tank trip away from thousands of challenging golf experiences. In the June 2015 issue, FORE Georgia will spotlight southeastern destinations with features on accommodations, amenities and of course, GOLF."

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