Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Black Magic Sand Wedge Brings Fast Lift to Short Shots

The sand wedge is a club that serves a precise, utilitarian purpose. It is a club designed to help golfers get out of a bunker and onto the green, accurately, efficiently, and without wasting any strokes. About this club, there is seldom any doubt: You can take one look at your shot and determine that you either need a sand wedge, or you do not. With this in mind, Black Magic Wedge announces its new 56 degree wedge, engineered to do its job as expediently as possible.

For the seasoned golfer or for the novice, a wedge like this one is worth its salt and then some: Nothing frustrates more than seeing a great drive nullified by a lousy short game, or by difficulties rescuing your ball from the bunker. With Black Magic Wedge's hybrid wedges, this is no longer an issue: The 56 degree wedge, in particular, is designed to save strokes and improve your short game, period.

Black Magic Wedge's sand wedge is designed to offer precision and control on shots made from 75 yards and in for the average golfer. While the yardage each player gets will likely remain unchanged, this sand wedge product offers significant opportunities for improvement in accuracy. Even the Black Magic Wedge logo, affixed to the head of the club, is designed with heightened accuracy in mind; the logo is an aligning tool, and when used properly ensures a smooth and precise shot.

Indeed, accuracy is the name of the game here. This sand wedge has a "No Hosel" design on the face, which means shanking is virtually impossible. The club also offers an extra wide sole, created to offer maximum bounce. In other words, it makes the experience of seeing clubs stuck in the turf or in the sand a thing of the past.

Like all Black Magic Wedge products, this one is made with reliability in mind. It is crafted with a stainless steel head and steel shaft. The head weight is 300 grams, and it has a D-5 swing weight. This club offers a standard length and regular grip, as well as a zero degree bounce angle, upon impact. It conforms to USGA Rules.

With all of its products, including this sand wedge, Black Magic Wedge is committed to helping players improve their short game. In fact, in addition to the club itself and a head cover, this product also comes with a booklet, offering tips for players seeking to improve their short game. Additionally, you can place a custom order for the length, flex, and grip thickness of your choice, all at no additional cost.

Ultimately, a good wedge will help you to slice through the turf and sink a clean, consistent, and smooth shot-and that is precisely what this 56 degree Black Magic Wedge product has to offer. For more information, or to order, visit

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