Friday, October 26, 2012

Black Magic Golf Wedge Brings Ease to Any Short Game

The well-rounded golfer is the one whose skills at driving are equaled by his skills at their short game. In fact, without solid chipping and putting experience, even a 300-yard drive is likely to end in frustration, as the player loses stroke after stroke attempting to edge his way onto the putting green. For the golfer whose short game leaves something to be desired, Black Magic Wedge is proud to unveil its new 37 degree golf wedge, a next-generation chipper that is sure to appeal to golfers of every stripe and any caliber.

Black Magic Wedge's 37 degree chipper wedge is designed with just this goal in mind-to bring greater ease and efficacy to any player's short game. For those shots that make it clear that the work of a good chipper is in order, this is the golf wedge that players will want to reach for: It is designed to make these chip shots easier than ever before, as simple as that.

The golf wedge is very much in keeping with the usual high standard set by Black Magic Wedge, a premiere designer of hybrid wedges. Players will find that, remarkably, this wedge offers 7 iron power on full shots. At the same time, it delivers the ability to lay the face open for unparalleled height, bringing perfect spin and precision to your short shot without ever leading to shanking.

In fact, Black Magic Wedge has designed this wedge to be virtually impossible to shank, thanks to its precisely-engineered "No Hosel" design on the face. Meanwhile, the advanced "extra wide" sole lends this golf club exceptional bounce-meaning players are unlikely to find it getting caught in the sand or in the turf.

In all of its technical specifications, this Black Magic Wedge product conforms to all of the most recent USGA rules. It offers a head made of stainless steel; a 120 gram powder coated steel shaft, and a 284 gram head weight. This golf wedge also has a D-4 swing weight and an impact bounce angle of zero degrees.

All told, this golf wedge is designed to help players take their short game to the next level-period. In addition to a head cover, the club also comes with a booklet, offering up tips on how any player can bring greater precision and efficiency to his short game.

That is part of what Black Magic Wedge offers with this wedge: The chance to save strokes and improve your short game, making your way onto the green with greater ease than ever before.

The 37 degree wedge is available in custom lengths, ranging from 33 inches to 37 inches, at no additional cost. Information about ordering the product is available at

Black Magic Wedge can be found on the web at


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