Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loudmouth Launches Golf Knickers

After great demand, Loudmouth Golf has released its first collection of custom-made golf knickers for men

(Foster City, CA) - Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright golf apparel, has launched their highly anticipated collection of golf knickers.

Loudmouth's knickers are traditional in style with the signature Loudmouth twist. Their knicker line is available in 40+ of Loudmouth's most popular patterns including favorites "Captain Thunderbolt," "Shamrocks," and "Dixie." They are comfortable, stylish and made in 97% cotton, 3% spandex.

"Knickers are a golf staple and our customers have been asking for them since the beginning of time," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "We finally pushed this product to market because we don't want our customers to get their knickers in a wad," adds Jackson.

Loudmouth's knickers are available in the made-to-order section of the Loudmouth U.S. website. Made-to-order is Loudmouth's flexible way for customers to order pants to their exact specifications. Loudmouth offers a variety of waist sizes. Men can order up to a 60" waist.

Loudmouth Golf knickers are available at:


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