Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Skyhawks Sports Academy Boosts Golf Programming through Partnership with Payne Stewart Golf Experiences

(SPOKANE, Washington)
– The nation’s leading youth sports camp franchise, Skyhawks Sports Academy powered by Stack Sports, is excited to continue building its impressive sports programming by becoming the Official Youth Sports & Camp Partner of Payne Stewart Golf Experiences.

This five-year partnership establishes Skyhawks Beginning Golf, advancing the Spokane-based brand’s commitment to providing accessible, enjoyable, and positive golf instruction to young kids no matter their proximity to a golf course.

“Payne Stewart Kids Golf Experiences adds significant value to our Skyhawks Golf Camps through their programming and game-based curriculum developed specifically for younger kids,” said Jason Frazier, COO and President of Skyhawks. “The PSGE team has significant PGA experience and hopes to alleviate issues of accessibility, cost, and exclusivity by creating a new pathway for kids learning golf away from the golf course.”  

Skyhawks Beginning Golf is powered by Payne Stewart Golf Experiences, the recommended entry-level golf program for PGA Junior Golf Camps. By improving curriculum and training for coaches, more kids will be able to build their confidence by learning golf both inside and outside.

“They have a well-established recreational sports footprint where we can add our Payne Stewart Kids Golf Experiences program and have an instant impact in getting more kids exposed to the fun side of golf,” said Kelly McCammon, Founder and CEO of the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation. “Younger kids, especially from the age of four and up, have to first get exposed to golf in recreational settings away from the golf course and in local neighborhoods.  Our partnership will bring golf to the kids where they are.”

The unique, games-based play program and modified learning equipment make it easier for kids to hit the ball and experience early success. Putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing, are all taught through games, simple repetitive motions, and learning rhymes that make it easy for young kids to remember and repeat. Specially designed, age-appropriate golf equipment is provided.

This instruction and Skyhawks Beginning Golf programming will soon be implemented in locations throughout the United States. Local camp operators are currently preparing for the summer camp season, which experienced record nationwide participation in 2021.

For more information please visit Skyhawks.com and www.paynestewart.org.

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