Monday, March 28, 2022

Looking for the Most Versatile Pocket-Sized Rangefinder in the World … the Choice is KLYR by TecTecTec!

(SEATTLE, WA) — TecTecTec, an optical innovation company that engineers rangefinders with industry leading features, unveiled its brand new KLYR pocket-sized rangefinder today.

The pocket-size KLYR by TecTecTec is 30% smaller than the average rangefinder on the market but while it’s extremely light and compact it’s loaded with features like a Belt Clip for quick and easy access, a Magnet to secure it on your Belt Clip or Golf Cart, a Carrying Case with a Magnetic Ball Marker, a convenient sliding ON/OFF Button that controls the Slope Function, and Target Lock Vibration.

The new KLYR by TecTecTec! is offered in three different colors: BLACK, WHITE and HIGH-VIS YELLOW and retails for $199.99.

“We hold several patents and have developed 100+ products for golfers over the past 8 years,” said Steve Henneman, Global Sales Director for TecTecTec. “Our team spans across the oceans which gives us a unique advantage. We absolutely lean on different geographic markets for inspiration and ideation. In my opinion, the new KLYR rangefinder is the most exciting product we’ve ever brought to market.”

For more information on TecTecTec! visit their website

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