Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Edison Golf Changes its Standard Graphite Shaft to the Newest KBS PGI Series Shaft

— Edison Golf Company, maker of the revolutionary Edison Forged Wedges, is pleased to announce it has upgraded its standard graphite shaft from the current KBS TGI 80 in three flexes to a custom offering of the newest KBS PGI (Players Graphite Iron) Series shaft.

Three new shaft options are now available, offering Edison golfers the only progressive weight and flex choices in the wedge category. Available graphite shaft options now include the KBS PGI 80 in ‘A’ Flex, KBS PGI 90 in Regular Flex, and KBS PGI 100 in Stiff Flex. In steel, Edison offers the KBS Tour 110 in Regular flex and the KBS Tour 120 in Stiff flex.

“We believe there should be a seamless transition from the shafts in your irons to the shafts in your wedges,” said Edison Chairman and Director of Innovation Terry Koehler. “The only way to get that is by making sure the material, weight, and flex of the shafts are consistent from your short irons into your wedges. Working with the team at premium shaft maker KBS, Edison Forged wedges are the only ones available with a progressive weight and flex matrix, so we can fit any golfer perfectly.”

The KBS PGI Series graphite shafts were designed by noted shaft expert, KBS Director of R & D Kim Braley, to deliver steel-like control and performance in a progressively weighted graphite shaft series. These shafts provide tighter shot dispersion, more consistent trajectories, and extremely tight tolerances for weight and frequency (CPM).

The Edison Golf team worked closely with the team at KBS to develop proprietary tipping and trimming procedures to optimize wedge performance for golfers of any skill level, strength profile or swing speeds with all three options.

“With this offering, Edison Forged wedges will be the only wedge line offering a complete range of premium KBS shafts with progressive weight and flex characteristics,” added Koehler.

Edison Forged wedges are designed for serious recreational golfers and feature a dramatically different weighting design that puts more mass above the impact point to optimize distance consistency, trajectory control and improved spin. They also feature the patented and proven “Koehler sole”, which combines both a high and low bounce into each wedge for optimum versatility. Quality forged construction and Edison’s durable chrome finish combine to deliver exquisite feel while significantly extending the useful life of the wedges.

Koehler recommends that golfers interested in purchasing Edison Forged wedges take the WedgeFit Scoring Range Analysis on the Edison Golf website to find out which wedges will best suit their game. They can then enjoy a streamlined purchasing process that allows them to easily custom-build their wedges to their own specifications for loft, shaft, length, lie angle and grip preference. If there is a particular non-standard shaft that the golfer prefers, the company will build their Edison Forged wedges on those shafts for a reasonable upcharge.

For more information about Edison Forged wedges or to take the WedgeFit Scoring Range Analysis, visit

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