Monday, May 10, 2021

Unboxing a Book on the Joys of Walking a Golf Course

"Good Walks: Rediscovering the Soul of Golf at Eighteen of the Carolinas' Best Courses" by Lee Pace celebrates the beauty, tradition, and variety of golf across the Carolinas, featuring 18 courses as experienced by the walking golfer. 

One of golf's earliest appeals was its health-giving benefits, with players walking some four miles over varied terrain, making stamina and endurance an important part of the sport. Most recreational players today choose motorized carts. But Lee Pace believes that the slower pace and on-the-ground view associated with walking gives one an opportunity to savor the experience, understand the nuances of course design and landscape architecture, and appreciate the small touches that make our region's best clubs and courses special. 

The Carolinas are a cradle for the game in the United States, making walking its courses an ideal way to connect past and present.

Add this book to your library.

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