Tuesday, July 14, 2020

VIDEO: Unboxing Rykr Roll Handheld Self-Massage Tools

Do you want your members to play more golf? Helping them relieve their aches and pains is a good start.

Have you considered stocking Rykr Roll handheld self-massage tools in your pro shop? They help relieve muscle aches, pain and stiffness so your members feel better and recover faster.

Rykr Roll helps improve Range of Motion (ROM) and increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles so you can stay active and fit. The products can alleviate myofascial tenderness and triggerpoint knots, as well as help improve conditions from arthritis and fibromyalgia.

They're versatile, too: Place in freezer for cold therapy or warm water for warm therapy. The ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Drug-free pain relief at your fingertips Compact. Portable. Stow and Go! And they're made from ultra-durable, premium quality materials and FDA approved stainless steel.

Learn more at www.rykrroll.com.


Richard Swift said...

These tools look pretty good as far as these type of things go, but in my opinion there's no replacement for a professional masseur working on you. I recommend finding local parlors on https://massagelook.com/ and sticking with those that work well for your body, because doing it alone isn't nearly as good for you and poses a health risk in case you make a mistake. Don't cheap out, since it's your health that's at stake.

Joseph Rossignol said...

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