Friday, May 11, 2018

Tour Edge to Launch Revolutionary Hollow Body Exotics CBX Iron-Wood Set

CBX Iron-Wood, a recent winner on Tour, Now Available as Full Iron Set

(RELEASE) - Tour Edge, the long-time leader and innovator in hollow iron technology, announces the launch of the first complete iron-wood set designed specifically for the sophisticated golfer.
The Exotics CBX iS (iron-wood set) is a revolutionary set that consists of all iron-woods; a hollow-body design combined with a traditional forged iron look and feel for golfers seeking next-level performance.

The idea behind the Exotics CBX iS is to produce the distance and forgiveness of a metalwood combined with the feel and control of a forged iron set with progressive offsets to match from club to club.

Exotics CBX iS is the first hollow-body iron-wood set to combine maximum COR effect for increased ball speed with the workability of a traditional forged iron set.

In the new CBX Iron-Wood, the revolutionary combination of the L-cup technology and powerful steel material increases face bending at impact act more like a metalwood, producing higher ball speeds.

Exotics CBX Iron-Woods feature an extremely high MOI and a deeper CG due to its wider sole and a slightly heavier overall feel compared to other hollow irons on the market, offering amazing forgiveness and the fastest launch characteristics due to the expanded perimeter weighting.

Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod truly revolutionized the golf world when he first introduced a hollow-body iron design and trademarked the Iron-Wood name over a decade ago.

“We were a little ahead of our time with our first hollow-body iron design,” said Glod. “But now we feel we have constructed the best of what’s out there in the hollow iron market with a driving iron-like club that sets up like a blade and delivers power like a metalwood. The biggest difference over designs of the past is that you can control this club very easily. That is why we are launching it in a complete iron set from 2-A wedge and why you are seeing it in play, and now winning on the PGA Tours.”

The Exotics CBX Iron-Wood has been in play by six players on the PGA Tours so far this season as more and more professionals are looking at hollow-body designs as an option to replace traditional long irons. It was recently reported in the bag of the winner of the United Leasing & Finance Championship winner on the Tour.

“The Exotics CBX Iron-Wood on its own is a club that has already been put into play on the PGA TOUR, the Tour and the PGA Tour Champions without having any one on contract to do so,” said Glod. “It is a club the best players in the world have sought out and have won with. The feedback came in almost immediately after we launched the Exotics CBX Iron-Wood in 2-5 irons that there was a demand for this iron-wood in a full set.”

In addition to the perimeter weighting, the sole keeps weight away from the face for a lower center of gravity and higher launch-lower spin characteristic, so even with lower lofts, Exotics CBX Iron-Woods are producing higher initial launch angles, making for a unique high-launch, high ball speed, low-spin trajectory. The wider sole design makes it easier to glide through the turf.

“This launch is following a pattern of more and more driving irons and hollow body irons being in play on the PGA TOUR, with multiple irons being put into play at the same time to replace traditional irons,” said Tour Edge Executive Vice President John Craig.”The golf market has been heading more and more to new segment called ‘Better Player Game Improvement.’ The Exotics CBX Iron-Wood set falls into this new segment by offering the sophisticated golfer everything they look for in a traditional iron along with the benefits of hollow-body technology that will increase their distance and ball speed by a considerable amount.”

The release of the CBX Iron-Wood as a complete set will mostly be centered on the Sterling Silver finish version. Only 30 sets of the Black Pearl are being ordered as a full set, making it one of the most limited first runs in Exotics history.

Individual iron-woods from 2-5 are already available at retail and sell for $199.99 in the Stainless Steel version and $249.99 in the Black Pearl finish.

The Exotics CBX iS set will sell for $899.99 in a 6-piece set or $1049.99 for a 7-piece set in steel, or $150 per club retail price with a KBS 90, True Temper Dynamic Gold or KBS Tour steel shaft.

In graphite, the set will sell for $1199.99 in a 6-piece set or $1399.99 for a 7-piece set, or $200 per club retail price with a Mitsubishi KuroKage, UST Recoil or Project X HZRDUS graphite shaft.

Complete iron-wood sets will be shipping to select authorized Tour Edge retailers May 15th. To find the closest retailer to you carrying the CBX Iron-Wood set, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

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