Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Circuit Caddie: App Allows Direct Payments to Caddies

Removes the hassle and risk of caddie payments for clubs

(Cleveland, Ohio) – After spending summers caddying at courses around Chicago, Ryan Bartels, a college student at Indiana University, saw an opportunity. He was paid in cash, sometimes by the club and sometimes by a member. With society moving cashless, there seemed to be a big opportunity ahead. An opportunity to make more money if members could add tips with the touch of a button. And, an opportunity to improve efficiencies at clubs who handle tens of thousands of dollars of cash each week paying caddies and were simply inefficient. His solution was Circuit Caddie.

Circuit Caddie is a software application that provides a direct payment system from members to caddies, bypassing traditional ‘chit’ systems where clubs float caddie fees until members pay their monthly bills. During the busy months, this means clubs may even have to draw into their line of credit just to cover these fees. Circuit Caddie helps improve cash flow, reduces risk and eliminates the work associated with caddie fees.

“I have been caddying since the age of fifteen,” said Ryan Bartels, founder of Circuit Caddie. “It became apparent to me that there were challenges to managing a caddie program, so I founded Circuit Caddie to simplify and modernize caddie payments for clubs, members and caddies.”

After launching a beta with two clubs last fall, Circuit Caddie is relaunching this spring with a revised software that is simpler and easier to use, for clubs and for members. Four clubs have already committed to adding Circuit Caddie to their club’s offering this spring with many more clubs showing interest.

“We wanted to create an app that makes paying for a caddie easy, effortless and effective,” said Sally Schriner, President of Circuit Technologies. “Golfing should be a time for competition, relaxation and fun. Golfers no longer have to fumble with cash and clubs no longer have to handle administrative work of paying caddies. This app provides a much easier experience for both golfers and clubs.”

Circuit Caddie allows clubs to maintain control of their caddie program while removing themselves from the payment process. When signed up for Circuit Caddie, clubs upload names of approved caddies at their club along with their caddie pricing. After each round, members select the caddie, provide feedback on their experience and pay with their credit card on file. Most of all, it eliminates the need for golfers to carry cash.

“We are excited to bring Circuit Caddie to Wynstone,” said Mike Weiler, Head Golf Professional of The Club at Wynstone in North Barrington, IL. “Our members are interested in a cashless solution and we are happy our club can save time and money no longer handling caddie fees. “

Circuit Caddie is available now to clubs nationwide with no software license fee for 2018. With setup being simple, clubs can be up and running in about a week. Find out more at

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