Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Product Review: Lamkin Grips

Full disclosure … I’m a Lamkin fan. I first experienced Lamkin grips on a putter and immediately fell in love with the brand. When presented with an opportunity to test the company’s newest lines, I jumped at the chance.

The TS1 ($9.99) takes its place at the top of Lamkin’s product line. My favorite feature of this model is the “CONTROL ZONE.” With a dual-compound construction, the TS1 provides added lower hand grip. Made with hybrid compounds, it boasts a straighter, reduced-taper shape that promotes “hand unity” and eliminates excess grip tension.

Like the TS1, Lamkin’s Sonar ($8.99) features proprietary Micro-Texture Technology to provide a comfortable and secure grip connection. The company touts this grip as “exceptional all-weather performance,” which I can attest to. Rain or shine, the grip consistency remains. Because I play in any weather (living in Northeast Ohio you learn to put up with anything that’s not snow), I need a grip that will stay with me!

The Comfort Plus ($7.99) is the Smoothest of the new grips. I play with a guy who complains about certain grips - namely cord - being too rough on his hands. While some people demand that kind of feel and are willing to pay extra for it, this guy will often play grips well past their prime just to avoid texture. He won't have to when he experiences the Comfort Plus. Similar to the TS1, this grip features the straighter, reduced-taper profile. Unlike its Lamkin colleagues, a unique manufacturing process results in an unbuffed finish to provide a tacky grip surface.

The TS1 and Sonar are offered in two sizes - standard plus and midsize plus. The Comfort Plus adds a third - undersize plus - perfect for women and junior golfers looking for a better feel.

Because of the aforementioned all-weather performance, my grip of choice is the Sonar, but you cannot go wrong with any of the three. 

For more information, visit www.lamkingrips.com.

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