Thursday, December 22, 2016

Two Golfers Credit High Heat with Their Success in National and World Golf Competitions

(BONITA, CA) – Knuth Golf’s High Heat metalwoods helped two amateur golfers write success stories in recent national and world amateur golf competitions.

Jim Smith of Cleveland, OH, won his flight in the World Amateur Golfers Tour National Championship in September, which earned him a spot on Team USA in the World Championships in South Africa. There he finished third in his flight, and he contributed much of his success to the addition of the High Heat 3-wood to his bag.

Billy McAllister of England finished third in the World Blind Championship this year after coming in 19th the year before. He attributed a major reason for his success to his using the High Heat driver.

“I was hitting bad slices and losing distance when I came across the Knuth driver which I purchased in July 2016,” said McAllister. “Since using my High Heat driver I have been hitting many more fairways and carrying extra distance on average 25 yards.

“As we all know golf is a confidence game and using the Knuth driver my confidence was maximized. Even as a blind golfer I could feel that I could miss hit the center of the clubface and still there was not much deviation of the ball. Dean Knuth explained in a video of how the gear effect of this club works giving a bigger advantage to even a high handicapper like myself.

“To be able to hit a high percentage of fairways with extra distance is always a big advantage in golf. Now I have added the High Heat 3 wood and #3 hybrid and hopefully this will get me to become No. 1 in total blind golf.”

Smith was just as complimentary to High Heat.

“I’ve been playing golf for a long time and have tried my share of clubs and after trying the High Heat 3 wood this past June, I needed to have it,” said Smith, who carries a 7 handicap. “It was the easiest and straightest club I had ever hit. I added it to my bag in late July and while only playing a few rounds with it, kept in my bag for the WAGT National Championship where it helped me win my flight.

“Next stop was the World Championship in South Africa.  After three rounds, I found myself in the lead heading into the final round. While I finished in third, 2 shots behind in the championship, it was the confidence that I had with my new High Heat 3 wood that put me in the position to win, had it not been a terrible day putting, I would have won my flight.  I’m looking forward to putting the High Heat Driver and #3 hybrid in my bag.”

Dean Knuth, a former USGA Senior Director, designed High Heat metalwoods specifically with amateurs in mind because amateur golfers have much different performance needs than the Tour pros. The High Heat driver has a 25% deeper and 18% lower CG than major brands, and features Optimal CG Changer and Fire Zone Face technologies.

The Fire Zone Face Technology includes a unique face with a combination of seven different zones of variable thickness, including patented "parabolic" lobes at the top of the toe and heel of the face. This increases spring-like effect across the entire sweet spot zone while still conforming to USGA Rules and increasing the accuracy of High Heat.

High Heat’s 3-wood and hybrid feature a Beta Titanium cup face, providing a significantly increased spring-like effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to traditional steel faces that major brands offer. This is extremely important for amateurs who don’t always hit the center of the clubface.

At, an online fitting is conducted to properly address the loft for the driver and which weight and flex is needed for the club shaft for any High Heat fairway wood or hybrid they purchase.

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