Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Frogger Golf Holiday Collection Offers Innovative Accessory Gifts for All Golfers

Accessory Bundles & Golf Gifts Under $20 Provide Holiday Shoppers with a Variety of Gift Options; Free Shipping on All Items $24.99+

(Bend, Ore.) - With the 2016 Holiday Season approaching, Frogger Golf, the leader in innovative, high performance, functional and fun golf accessories, has unveiled its Holiday Collection, featuring an assortment of gift options for golfers of all levels. Highlighting the Collection are Frogger's popular accessory bundles including the new Latch-It Set, as well as unique golf gifts under $20 that make ideal stocking stuffers. Shoppers on receive free shipping on all orders of $24.99+ throughout the holiday season.

“Frogger Golf accessory products have long been a favorite among golfers looking for fun, high performance holiday gifts for family and friends, or themselves” said Jeremiah Bohannon, CEO, Frogger Golf. “Our 2016 Holiday Collection offers the perfect gifts for budget conscious shoppers, while our top-selling bundles are ideal for golfers looking for gear to meet their on-course needs.”

The new Frogger Latch-It Set features the innovative BrushPro Catch Latch and TRAX Towel, both powered by Catch Latch magnetic fastening technology. Catch Latch technology allows golfers to quickly and securely fasten, detach and reconnect their brush and towel to their golf bag.  BrushPro Catch Latch features combo phosphorus bronze and nylon bristles, a fold-out groove cleaner and ergonomic handle to clean clubs like no other brush on the market. TRAX Towel is a premium, non-abrasive, highly absorbent microfiber waffle towel strong enough to clean clubs and safe enough to use on glasses. Both BrushPro Catch Latch and TRAX Towel come with a Latch-It Bag Clamp for the ultimate in convenience. The Latch-It Set is available only on for $37.95.

The Frogger Complete Set includes everything a golfer needs to pamper their gear, highlighted by BrushPro Original, the most popular golf brush on the market, designed to keep your clubface and grooves clean. The Complete Set includes Frogger Golf’s famous Amphibian Towel that cleans and dries a golfer’s clubs, hands and grips so they can hit every shot with confidence. Amphibian Towels are the ultimate, two-in-one, dual-folded, wet and dry design with a waterproof membrane to ensure the wet side stays wet, and the dry side dry. The set also includes the Amphibian Ball Towel, offering the best, fastest and easiest way for golfers to clean their ball at the green, while easily fitting in a pocket or attaching to a belt. The Complete Set is available for $49.75.

For great golf gifts under $20, Frogger Golf offers some of its best-selling products, including the Original BrushPro, which is on sale for $14.95 throughout the holiday season. The revolutionary combo bristles are hard on dirt and grass but easy on clubs, while the groove cleaner extends to safely remove debris. A specially designed snap back cord retractor keeps BrushPro securely attached to a golf bag and handy for use at all times. BrushPro Catch Latch is also on sale for $19.95 throughout the holiday season.

Additional Frogger Golf gifts under $20 include the Catch Latch Bag & Belt combo on sale for $12.95; Amphibian Ball Towel, which sells for $11.95; the Hop! Green Repair Tool, which sells for $14.95; Swing Hero which sells for $19.95 and Frogger Golf Alignment Sticks which sell for $11.95 and provide golfers with highly useful training aids to improve their swing and alignment.
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