Tuesday, December 13, 2016

KZG's Master Certification Programs for Clubfitters Scheduled in January 2017 in Palm Desert, Calf.

(PALM DESERT, Calif.) - KZG, the No. 1 Custom ProLine, has scheduled two Certification Programs for clubfitters in January 2017 in Palm Desert, California.  The Programs are set before and after the PGA Show: Jan 18-20 and Jan 30-Feb 1, 2017.

2016 was not a stellar year for the golf business with Nike dropping out of the golf equipment business and Golfsmith, GolfTown and Sports Authority filing bankruptcy.  Many in the industry would say it is no surprise that so many golf companies and golf retail venues are closing shop.  With yearly promises of “20 yards” more distance with their latest clubs coupled with the fact that 92% of all golfers are still playing the wrong equipment, the golfing public is getting fed up.

“To be successful in the golf industry today, you really have to offer steak, not sizzle” reports Jennifer King, President of KZG.  “If a quick sale is all a golf retailer is interested in, their days are numbered.  Retailers with integrity will take the time to educate the golfer, offer a first-rate fitting, a tour build, and give the customer clubs that will actually help the golfer improve and enjoy their game.”

“KZG has exclusively worked with the finest teachers and clubfitters around the globe,” says King. “There are very few truly qualified fitters. To grow our own network of skilled professionals we have been successfully offering this program for over 10 years, with more than 300 attendees. “

KZG’s Master Program is an advanced fitting program for those who are a PGA teaching professional, a graduate of a golf academy, or a fitter who has a minimum of 2 years fitting experience.  The program includes club head design and manufacturing processes; shaft profiling; data analysis; training on Trackman Dual Radar system; steps to a successful fitting; understanding the importance of the custom build; and marketing and tips on setting up a first-rate fit center. Each attendee will do two full fittings during the program.

Paul Sanders, PGA, Director of the Shadows Golf Academy in New York reports: “The KZG Fitting Program was a memorable experience.  KZG’s commitment to educate their Dealers around the globe will separate them even further from the competition.  Every KZG Dealer who attends the Fitting Program will be challenged to maintain the highest of standards for the benefit of each “FIT” golfer.”

Another KZG Dealer, Mike Girard, PGA, owner of Tree Tops in Lady Lake, Florida states: “I attended the KZG Program back in 2011. As a result, my emphasis became less retail and more to the needs of the golfer. I can honestly say that we now fit our students and customers perfectly and our business and reputation has grown.  My son attended the Program this year and was not only fired up about the latest fitting and building techniques, but marketing as well. “

The new KZG facility in Palm Desert, California has a fully operational fitting center and build department on site designed as a model to assist KZG Dealers and Program attendees to actually work in and experience a world-class fitting center.

For more information, send your inquiries to Brad@kzgolf.com.

For more information on KZG products or KZG’s 3-Day Master Certification Program for Clubfitters, visit www.kzg.com or call 1-800-200-8800 or (760)341-4433.

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