Thursday, December 22, 2016

Overload Hires Industry Veteran Randall Henry

(Kirkland, Wash.) - Harvey Partners has named industry veteran Randall Henry co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Overload Golf. Henry will focus on the BAR Incubator Fund, which brings emerging ideas, products and technology to golf using the team's expertise, networks and funding to develop the proper channel to create success.

Randall Henry
"I am very excited about joining Harvey Partners, and look forward to changing the golf industry through innovation," says Henry. "We have developed a structure to encourage and foster innovation in golf, and give people a platform through our BAR Fund to bring their innovation to the market. I'm really looking forward to forging new connections in this exciting opportunity. We changed the golf industry by bringing clubfitting to the masses, and now want to continue to innovate the industry with Overload Golf -- finding and connecting unseen dots to accelerate businesses."

Henry served the past 10 years in many roles holding the following titles President/GM of Henry-Griffitts, the world leader in custom fit golf clubs, while also serving over those years as Director of Business Innovations and Regional Manager for  leading Golf Simulator company aboutGolf. He brings with him a unique array of innovative ideas, technological experience, relationships, and a thorough familiarity with the golf industry.

Overload Golf is an exclusive golf company that works with the industry's best -- bringing together complementary businesses, ideas, products, and markets, while applying innovation from other industries to golf. We provide valuable and unique resources and technologies. If a business needs something, Overload Golf will connect them with the appropriate partners, whether they're in need of marketing, investment, distribution networks, or anything that will accelerate them to the next level. We are excited to create synergies between golf businesses.

To contact Overload Golf: or or contact Randall Henry at 208-659-1144.

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