Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SuperSpeed Golf Training System Helps Increase Swing Speed

(Chicago, IL) - SuperSpeed Golf, uses a three-club set and proprietary video based training protocols to help golfers increase swing speed. The clubs are specifically weighted to be 20% lighter (green club), 10% lighter (blue club), and 5% heavier (red club) than a standard driver.  The player starts with the lightest club (green) and makes swings in both the dominant and non-dominant direction. The body can move significantly faster during these swings because of the reduced weight of the club, about 19% faster than the player’s normal driver swing speed.

The player then moves on to the blue club (10% lighter) and again makes swings in the dominant and non-dominant direction. The company sees swings with this club usually about 16% faster than the player’s normal swing speed. This is because of the near proximity to the swings with the previous club, the brain and body feel that the faster speed is “normal.”

The player then moves on to the heaviest club, the red club, and repeats the dominant and non-dominant side swings. Even though this club is heavier, during the training the company sees an average of about 12% faster speed on these swings.

Typical results are about a 5% increase in actual swing speed when hitting a golf ball right after the training. This increase will become permanent for the player in about 4-8 weeks of regular practice with the training system.

The company recommends training with the system three times a week with a day off in between each session. Each training session takes about 10 minutes to complete. This makes the system very approachable for golfers of all abilities and ages with only a dedication of 30 minutes per week of training.

SuperSpeed Golf now has more than 150 PGA, LPGA, Champions, and European Touring Professionals working with the training system on a regular basis. Many photos of these players can be viewed on the testimonials page of the website,

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System can be ordered online at and is also available in more than 18 countries around the world.

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