Monday, December 5, 2016

Tiger's Post-Tournament Quotes

Tiger Woods returned to competitive golf this week and had a respectable showing (73, 65, 70, 76). He led the tournament in both birdies and double bogeys, which isn't a huge surprise when such a great player has so much rust to kick off.

Here's Tiger speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following his final round:
Tiger Woods – “I think it was a great week to be back. Playing again and competing and playing against the best players in the world. Unfortunately I made a lot of mistakes this week. I made a lot of birdies but also made a lot of mistakes.”

Woods – “I made some poor decisions, missed the ball in some wrong spots and quite frankly it feels a little weird not to play in a cart. So, it is a little different and getting used to that and getting my legs back and getting my body back and focusing for a long period of time. These are all things that I missed for about a year and a half.”

Woods – “I made some birdies this week which was nice. I was playing aggressive. This golf course allows one to be aggressive, but I also made some bad mistakes…three doubles today just adds up to a pretty high number. On the flip side is that I was able to be aggressive and make some birdies and make some putts. I just need to balance it out.”

Woods – “This part of it, getting back to this point has tested me beyond than anything that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. The pain, the issues that I had, it was just rough. To battle back, to battle through it and to have the friends I’ve had who have supported and helped me through it. Quite frankly there was some pretty dire times there where I just couldn’t move. I don’t know if anyone has had back issues like that where you just lay there and can’t move. Those are scary times.”

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