Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SwingSmart Launches Enhanced App for Award-Winning Digital Swing Analyzer

(NORTH BARRINGTON, IL) – NewSpin Golf announces the launch of a redesigned app for its award-winning SwingSmart golf swing analyzer, including an enhanced user interface, Dual 3D Swing-View and a series of mini-games co-designed by renowned instructor Peter Kostis to help users improve performance while maximizing fun.

A first-of-its-kind solution that provides instant and accurate feedback on critical elements of a golfer’s swing, the Bluetooth-enabled SwingSmart sensor module quickly and easily clips to a golf club shaft. Weighing less than 1 oz., the device wirelessly communicates with the company’s free app, providing data directly to the user’s tablet or smartphone. The update is available now for iPad users and will be coming to other platforms shortly.

Highlights of the updated SwingSmart app:
* New Interface – Fresh environment ensures easy-to-use interaction that allows users to access all swing data, including 3-D Swing View, without navigating between multiple screens
* Dual 3D Swing-View – Users can now access the company’s famed 3-D Swing-View from multiple angles at one time for even more effective comparison and analysis
* Peter Kostis Signature Drills – The expanding library of beneficial, fun in-app mini-games co-developed by the renowned instructor now includes:
   - Putting Challenge – Grooves repeatable club path for consistency on greens
   - Clock Face Drill – Hones backswing and follow through mechanics for mastering wedge distances

“Golfers have rapidly embraced SwingSmart as an invaluable tool for providing useful feedback that instantly benefits their performance,” says Angelo Papadourakis, CEO of NewSpin Golf. “With the latest update we’ve enhanced the system’s ability to capture meaningful swing data and added mini-games that inject a unique element of fun into practice.”

Available for free download, the SwingSmart app allows information to be viewed immediately, shared with an instructor, or saved for future reference. A defining feature of the system is the in-app instructional videos through which Peter Kostis provides a variety of swing tips to help players optimize performance.

With each swing, the SwingSmart system ($249.99) immediately delivers:
* Key Stats – Instant, accurate, easy-to-interpret information on tempo, swing speed, face angle and club path, shaft lean and angle of attack
* 3D Swing View – shows 360-degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle
* Putting Results – More than just a full-swing tool, the system also provides info on the putting stroke to help players lower the number of putts taken per round
* Personal Best – Data from a golfer’s best swings can be saved and used as points of reference

Developed by a team of expert technologists, SwingSmart provides a real-time snapshot of how the club is being manipulated through impact. This allows players to adjust and learn what is successful for their individual games. A great, year-round practice tool, SwingSmart features a special Training mode that provides the key data necessary to help players learn the proper swing motion, without the pressure of hitting a ball.

In 2013, the company launched the SwingSmart Duo, which incorporates HiQ Technology.  Requiring zero user set-up, adjustment or calibration, HiQ is built using a proprietary pattern recognition process not found anywhere else in the industry, which increases the accuracy of captured swing data, including the renowned SwingSmart 3D Swing View. It utilizes an algorithm that adapts to each user's swing to faithfully measure their drives, chips and putts.

Recently honored as a recipient of GOLF Magazine’s “Techy Award” in the Training Aid category, SwingSmart has received high praise from a variety of sources since its debut. These include being named the “Overall Winner” among swing trainers by MyGolfSpy.com, receiving a “Product Ingenuity” award from the International Network of Golf and being named “Training Aid of the Year” by SCOREGolf.

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For more information: www.swingsmart.com.

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