Friday, October 21, 2016

Tathata Golf Growing Quickly, Top Pro’s & Amateurs Signing Up for Revolutionary Instruction Programs

(NEW YORK) – Tathata Golf ( announced that demand for its martial arts and movement-based golf training program is growing quickly with more than 500 LPGA and PGA top teaching professionals signed up to participate in its revolutionary training program. Since its launch, there have been nearly 100,000 hours of instruction provided to golfers of all abilities worldwide.

Tathata’s revolutionary golf training program introduces world-class golf instruction and movement training routines into your home for the first time. Combining the ageless teachings of martial arts (structure of learning and movement/striking fundamentals) with the dynamic movements of the greatest golfers and athletes in the world, Tathata Golf takes a radically different approach than the typical 1-hour golf lesson and today’s highly technical, “quick fix” teaching methods.

Tathata Golf takes a revolutionary approach to golf instruction, integrating mind, body and swing offering a culmination of 30 years of research and five years of testing with golfers of all ages, body types and abilities.

500+ Top LPGA and PGA Teaching Professional Signed Up for Tathata Golf
This significant response from top LPGA and PGA teaching professional comes just a few months following Tathata’s offering of its 60-day training program free to all LPGA and PGA teaching professionals and apprentices. This offering is part of Tathata’s commitment to help grow the game. With an estimated 30,000 teaching professionals Tathata’s in-kind donation represents a $5.4 million total value.

"We remain very honored to share our program with all instructors for the betterment of the game,” said Bryan Hepler, Founder of Tathata Golf. “And we are extremely pleased and humbled that so many teachers have signed on in such a short period of time. More and more LPGA and PGA professionals will now see for themselves why so many golfers desire our training and more importantly they will be able to speak with strength about the program as they support their clientele’s success with Tathata Golf.”

Tathata Golf has quickly gained the respect and support of many notable teaching professionals and industry experts, including: Charlie Epps, VJ Trolio, Josh Zander, George McNamara, Sue Wieger, Deb Vangellow, President of the LPGA’S Teaching and Coaching Program, Cindy Miller, Gary McCord and Brandel Chamblee.  In addition to the 500+ LPGA and PGA professionals signed up for the 60-day program, 100 teaching professionals are currently in the Tathata Certified Movement Specialist Program and 25 professionals have completed the certified training.

“The Tathata teacher training program could not be more timely and relevant for me at this point in my teaching career, a teacher/student win-win for sure,” said Deb Vangellow, LPGA Master Professional and Teaching and Club Professional National President.

Josh Zander, a Top 100 Teacher in America (Golf Magazine) and 2015 Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year, also supports Tathata. “For the first time in golf, I have a program to build a champion.”

George McNamara, a PGA Master Professional says the Tathata program is extraordinary.  “I have never seen anything like this and I have been teaching golf for almost 50 years.”

Any LPGA or PGA professional or apprentice can contact Tathata Golf directly via to claim their free program.

Golfers Worldwide Signing Up for Tathata Revolutionary Training Program
Thousands of golfers worldwide also are signing up for Tathata Golf.  In just a few short years, golfers of all levels enjoyed more than 100,000 hours of the Tathata 60-day program, equating to 50 years of instruction provided to date.

Get to know more about Bryan Hepler HERE.

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